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Content Expiration (Stephen Guglielmo)
description plugin | | |
Content Expiration is a WordPress plugin to set an expiration date on posts or pages.
Disable Split the Query (Derrick Hammer)
description plugin | | |
Simple WordPress plugin to always disable split_the_query
MK Portfolio (Milankumar Kyada)
description plugin | | |
MK Portfolio plugin will create a portfolio for a website. It is very easy to use.
Mona Youtube Downloader (Mona Media)
description plugin | | |
You can use it as Widget and Shortcode also. Include every where you want
MailChimp Forms by Optin.Guru (Optin.Guru)
description plugin | | |
Pop-ups, sideboxes, bars and other opt-in forms to find a relevant way into your visitor’s inbox. Works with MailChimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetRespons …
Demo shortcode (Krzysztof Antoniak)
description plugin | | |
This plugin inserts a demo box inside a post. Just add [demo] tag or use media button in the editor.
Seanote (Seanote Team)
description plugin | | |
Seanote embed seanote.com polls on your Wordpress sites.
StageShow (Malcolm Shergold)
description plugin | | |
StageShow adds the facility for an online Box-Office for Small Theatres/Drama Groups, records sales, validates tickets and provides sales downloads.
3.931-12-19696 5108810
Laughing Squid Web Hosting News & Status WordPress Dashboard Widget (Shelby DeNike)
description plugin | | |
The Laughing Squid Web Hosting News & Status WordPress Dashboard Widget provides status information within your dashboard from Laughing Squid Web
4.731-12-19692 29400
Mortgage Calculator & Loan Calculator (MLCalc.com - Mortgage Calculator)
description plugin | | |
Powerful mortgage and loan calculator widget with shortcode.
4.731-12-196940 0657813
Mortgage Rates (MLCalc.com - Mortgage Rates)
description plugin | | |
Powerful mortgage rates widget for your blog.
4.731-12-19699 482802
SD Google Calendar Combiner (Smartware Design LLC)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Plugin for combining public Google Calendars for display, created by SmartwareDesign.com for use by everyone!
4.731-12-19691 03000
Callback for Monarch by Logic Hop (Logic Hop)
description plugin | | |
Callback for Monarch by Logic Hop adds a Javascript callback to the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin. Simply install the plugin and a callback is automat
wp-days-ago (Vegard Skjefstad)
description plugin | | |
Displays the number of years, months, days, hours and minutes since a post or a page was published or modified, or a comment was published.
4.731-12-196920 6241005
Radio Buttons for Taxonomies (Kathy Darling)
description plugin | | |
4.7.031-12-196929 05610033
Rundiz PostOrder (vee)
description plugin | | |
Re-order posts to what you want.
Aircraft Builders Log (Mark A. Stratman)
description plugin | | |
Keep track of time spent on an aircraft build (or really anything).
Theatre WP (Jose Bolorino )
description plugin | | |
Management of Productions and Performances for Performing Arts Companies.
4.731-12-19691 88000
New Google Plus Badge Widget (MyThemeShop)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to quickly and easily add the new Google Plus badge widget to your blog running WordPress.
4.731-12-1969142 2929213
Cue by AudioTheme.com (AudioThem)
description plugin | | |
Delightful and reliable audio playlists.
4.6.131-12-196951 3449831
Hide Password Protected Content (Scott Wyden Kivowitz)
description plugin | | |
Hide password protected content from displaying in recent posts on the front end of your website.
WP Template Viewer (keesiemijer)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to see the content of all theme templates files that were used to display the current page.
4.731-12-19691 2371002
Posts Table with Search & Sort (Barn2 Media)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to display all your posts in a searchable and sortable table or list.
4.731-12-19695 070987
Super Simple Changes (Scott Wyden Kivowitz)
description plugin | | |
Implement some common simple modifications to your WordPress photo website.
Gallery Class (Francis Santerre)
description plugin | | |
Gallery Class adds a new setting in the media gallery settings to set a custom CSS class.
WooCommerce LightBox (wpbean)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Quick View button with light box popup for product details. Will help to increase eCommerce conversion rate.
4.731-12-196929 8826214
Bootstrap Carousel Touch Swipe Support (Shahab Khan)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds Touch Swipe Support to Bootstrap Carousels based Sliders.
NextGEN Font Awesome On (Scott Wyden Kivowitz)
description plugin | | |
Activate NextGEN Gallery’s enqueue of Font Awesome always on your site. Take advantage of an amazing font library.
Youtube Live Stream Auto Embed (SM Wordpress Youtube Live Stream)
description plugin | | |
Provides a shortcode to automatically embed the latest video or current live stream of a specified YouTube channel including Google Hangouts OnAir.
4.731-12-196914 3758226
My WP Backup (MyThemeShop)
description plugin | | |
My WP Backup is the best way to protect your website in the event of server loss, data corruption, hacking or to migrate your WordPress data easily.
4.731-12-196936 6815412
Wedding Registry (Rich Tabor, ThemeBeans)
description plugin | | |
The easiest way to beautifully create and display wedding registry locations using shortcodes.
4.6.131-12-19691 43100
WP Notification Bars (MyThemeShop)
description plugin | | |
Create custom notification and alert bar for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.
4.731-12-196928 62210010
Additional Content (keesiemijer)
description plugin | | |
Display additional content before or after post content in single post pages.
WP Post List Table (wpbean)
description plugin | | |
WordPress post or custom post type listing table.
Redirect for Bloom by Logic Hop (Logic Hop)
description plugin | | |
Easily add a redirect to any Bloom email optin form. Simply enter redirect=/your-redirect-path as the Success Message and the plugin handles the rest.
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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