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MK Portfolio (Milankumar Kyada)
description plugin | | |
MK Portfolio plugin will create a portfolio for a website. It is very easy to use.
Mona Youtube Downloader (Mona Media)
description plugin | | |
You can use it as Widget and Shortcode also. Include every where you want
Demo shortcode (Krzysztof Antoniak)
description plugin | | |
This plugin inserts a demo box inside a post. Just add [demo] tag or use media button in the editor.
Seanote (Seanote Team)
description plugin | | |
Seanote embed seanote.com polls on your Wordpress sites.
StageShow (Malcolm Shergold)
description plugin | | |
StageShow adds the facility for an online Box-Office for Small Theatres/Drama Groups, records sales, validates tickets and provides sales downloads.
3.931-12-19696 5108810
Laughing Squid Web Hosting News & Status WordPress Dashboard Widget (Shelby DeNike)
description plugin | | |
The Laughing Squid Web Hosting News & Status WordPress Dashboard Widget provides status information within your dashboard from Laughing Squid Web
4.731-12-19692 33500
Mortgage Calculator & Loan Calculator (MLCalc.com - Mortgage Calculator)
description plugin | | |
Powerful mortgage and loan calculator widget with shortcode.
4.731-12-196941 1317813
Mortgage Rates (MLCalc.com - Mortgage Rates)
description plugin | | |
Powerful mortgage rates widget for your blog.
4.731-12-19699 613802
SD Google Calendar Combiner (Smartware Design LLC)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Plugin for combining public Google Calendars for display, created by SmartwareDesign.com for use by everyone!
4.731-12-19691 09100
Callback for Monarch by Logic Hop (Logic Hop)
description plugin | | |
Callback for Monarch by Logic Hop adds a Javascript callback to the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin. Simply install the plugin and a callback is automat
wp-days-ago (Vegard Skjefstad)
description plugin | | |
Displays the number of years, months, days, hours and minutes since a post or a page was published or modified, or a comment was published.
4.731-12-196920 8801005
Radio Buttons for Taxonomies (Kathy Darling)
description plugin | | |
4.7.031-12-196929 90710033
Rundiz PostOrder (vee)
description plugin | | |
Re-order posts to what you want.
Aircraft Builders Log (Mark A. Stratman)
description plugin | | |
Keep track of time spent on an aircraft build (or really anything).
Posts Table with Search & Sort (Barn2 Media)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to display all your posts in a searchable and sortable table or list.
4.731-12-19695 633987
Gallery Class (Francis Santerre)
description plugin | | |
Gallery Class adds a new setting in the media gallery settings to set a custom CSS class.
WooCommerce LightBox (wpbean)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Quick View button with light box popup for product details. Will help to increase eCommerce conversion rate.
4.731-12-196932 7085815
Bootstrap Carousel Touch Swipe Support (Shahab Khan)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds Touch Swipe Support to Bootstrap Carousels based Sliders.
Youtube Live Stream Auto Embed (SM Wordpress Youtube Live Stream)
description plugin | | |
Provides a shortcode to automatically embed the latest video or current live stream of a specified YouTube channel including Google Hangouts OnAir.
4.731-12-196915 7318227
Wedding Registry (Rich Tabor, ThemeBeans)
description plugin | | |
The easiest way to beautifully create and display wedding registry locations using shortcodes.
4.6.131-12-19691 55600
WP Post List Table (wpbean)
description plugin | | |
WordPress post or custom post type listing table.
Redirect for Bloom by Logic Hop (Logic Hop)
description plugin | | |
Easily add a redirect to any Bloom email optin form. Simply enter redirect=/your-redirect-path as the Success Message and the plugin handles the rest.
4.6.131-12-19691 0461002
Video.js HLS Player (Bruce Galpin)
description plugin | | |
Easily embed responsive/fluid (or fixed width) HLS videos into WordPress posts and pages using this customized video.js player.
Jason's User Comments (Jason)
description plugin | | |
Moderate comments not posted by registered users.
14-12-200411 3731001
Link Linker (Steve Ivy)
description plugin | | |
If you put pipes (| |) around the text of one of your links (in the link manager), this plugin will link that text to its uri from the links table.
Real Statistics (Sebastian Herp)
description plugin | | |
This plugin aims to be a THE statistic tool for your wordpress blog. Hopefully you'll never feel the need to use anything else :-)
20-12-20042 77800
Kitten's Spam Words (Kitten)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a "Delete comments as spam" button to the comments mass editing page. When used to delete unwanted comments, the email address, url,
23-12-20041 14500
Protect old posts (Matt Mullenweg)
description plugin | | |
This plugin puts a password specified in the protect-old.php file on every post but the latest published one that doesn't already have a password.
26-12-20041 08400
Live Preview: Admin Panel, Comments (Chris J. Davis)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that creates a live preview for you comments and post/edit forms.
Per Post Comment Text (Chris J. Davis)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that allows you to set the text of your comments link on a post per post basis. Thanks to rgh (http://www.frenzieddaddy.com/) and the rest o
28-12-20041 28900
Kitten's Spaminator (Kitten)
description plugin | | |
Spam prevention and blocking using tarpitting and strike counting. Comments are assigned strikes for spam content, and a comment that meets the criter
Show Top Ratings (Gary Turner)
description plugin | | |
Retrieve a list of top rated posts
11-01-20051 45700
Gatorize (Keith McDuffee)
description plugin | | |
Adds Newsgator ratings to each post heading.
Moody (Keith McDuffee)
description plugin | | |
Adds a "Current Mood" icon to each post after the date. Borrowed icons from http://www.wholenotherthing.com/ which can be grabbed from http://www.gud
Random Blogroll (Gerd Riesselmann)
description plugin | | |
Generates a randomized blogroll out of OPML feed subsriptions.
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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