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Logicrays Easy Responsive Gallery with Slider (Logicrays)
description plugin | | |
Logicrays Easy Responsive Gallery with Slider allow you to add unlimited images galleries with box, stroke, flow of effetcs
Softech Wp Clock (Softechure)
description plugin | | |
Softech wp clock display a Time zone clock on your page/post set to your city's timezone. Choice of clocks, colors and sizes.
Musubi Bookings Plugin (dvlyon)
description plugin | | |
You will require a Musubi Account and to set-up your schedules with Musubi Bookings before using this plugin.
ReviewForUmaMi (Taka)
description plugin | | |
This is a review plugin for submitting reviews and see comments submitted for each articles.you can see the reviews and stars.
IDPay for Contact Form 7 (IDPay)
description plugin | | |
IDPay payment gateway for Contact Form 7
Case Converter (Tawhidur Rahman Dear)
description plugin | | |
UPPER CASE, lower case, Sentence case, Capitalized Case, InVeRt, Title Case
Social_Chat (LetsCMS)
description plugin | | |
Social chat is very simple and intuitive module that allows you to manage a chat.
Gifty (Gifty B.V.)
description plugin | | |
Are you affiliated with Gifty? Then make yourself comfortable and use the Gifty plugin. Place the order module at the touch of a button and sell giftc …
GDPR Request Form (TorontoDigits)
description plugin | | |
The plugin generates the form through shortcode that is used to request the data export/erase…
Extended Registration Form For WooCommerce (Salive)
description plugin | | |
Extended Registration Form For WooCommerce
WooCommerce Product Front Fields (Alex Posidelov)
description plugin | | |
The plugin allows to add custom fields to your products.
Loyalty Discounts for WooCommerce (ElliotVS)
description plugin | | |
Apply WooCommerce "loyalty" style discounts to a customers checkout, based specific rules and criteria that needs to be met by the user.
Edithor (edithor.xyz)
description plugin | | |
Advanced page builder extending the new Gutenberg block editor. Simply create and design custom pages by using beautiful templates, layouts & bloc …
Pushvault Push Notifications (Spiroox Media SL)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will help you to activate pushnotifications in your site (https is required). In…
Social Link on Footer (Apsara Aruna)
description plugin | | |
This is widget of showing youtube subscribe button.
Valsto VPayment for WooCommerce (Valsto Inc)
description plugin | | |
Valsto VPayment for WooCommerce
Awesome SMS for Woocommerce (AWESOME TOGI)
description plugin | | |
you can now keep your customers up to date on their order process via SMS. Send the customer an SMS when they place the order, and also when the order …
Verificare TVA Plugin (The Bug Software Development & Consulting S.R.L.)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows site visitors to check for VAT information on any give romanian company by his unique
Braintree Payments For WordPress – Accept Payments WP (Lukas Paskauskas)
description plugin | | |
Accept Braintree payments on your website with well converting & mobile friendly payment forms. No code or shopping cart required.
Post Checkout Offers Lite (MakeWebBetter)
description plugin | | |
Increases your woocommerce store sales instantly by showing special offers on purchased products after checkout. Users can add these products in cart …
Spark GF Failed Submissions (Spark Web Solutions)
description plugin | | |
Track failed form submissions and get notified when they reach a customisable threshold. Requires Gravity…
Snillrik Skolmaten.se (Mattias Kallio)
description plugin | | |
Fetch your schools lunch menu from skolmaten.se
Woocommerce ADS Banner Above Related Product (Krisna Pramu Waskito)
description plugin | | |
Minimum Requirement
Featured Circles (Mark Rees)
description plugin | | |
Creates circles to show featured items for a website.
My Share Facebook (Alok Tiwari)
description plugin | | |
Share Your Post, blog and pages in facebook with using Short Code. share Post, blog and pages on fb without any configuration
WPPC Bottom Publish Button for WordPress Core (WPPluginCo.com (@wppluginco) and Spencer Hill (@s3w47m88))
description plugin | | |
Save a lot of your time by scrolling less in WP admin! Show buttons (Scroll to top and Publish/Update and Save Draft and Preview) in the bottom of the …
Emoji Keyboard in Comment Form (emojipudding.com)
description plugin | | |
Add a Keyboard for Emojis to your comment form. By clicking on an emoji, it will append to your comment input field.
HubSpot Deal Per Order Lite (MakeWebBetter)
description plugin | | |
Looking for an automated free system to convert every woocommerce store order into HubSpot Deal and easily forecast your sales and revenue?
Consultar CNPJ (Consultar CNPJ)
description plugin | | |
Um simples consultor de CNPJ, porém eficaz.
Easy Simple Slider For Frontend (Gautam Buddha)
description plugin | | |
Easy Simple Slider For Frontend is responsive image and content slider, by this plugin you can display slider anywhere your website via short-codes.
Special Promotion and Support (Tawhidur Rahman Dear)
description plugin | | |
Attract your audience instantly that you have a Special Offer for them
Cyoud AIO (Cyoud)
description plugin | | |
Extend, speed up and customize your Wordpress site with Cyoud AIO.
qnotsquiz (Muniyandi)
description plugin | | |
Create quizzes and show results and answers in awesome way.
AddFunc Backgrounds (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
Create backgrounds as a content type. Select your backgrounds for any page. Many options and…
Simplest Under Construction (Bilal TAS)
description plugin | | |
This is the simplest plugin to restrict a Wordpress site to the public. You can…
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