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WP Ultimate Reviews FREE (James Tibbles)
description plugin | | |
Add reviews / testimonials and ratings to your site quickly and easily. Highly customisable via CSS or changes to the template files.
WP Dynamic Gallery Slideshow (AlumniOnline Web Services)
description plugin | | |
Convert your blogs photo galleries into dynamic slideshows. - NO LONGER SUPPORTED
WooCommerce Becopay Gateway (Becopay Team )
description plugin | | |
Becopay Woocommerce Payment Gateway allows you to pay with cryptocurrency.
Proverbs (castellar120)
description plugin | | |
This plugin displays different proverbs. After activating plugin, user can insert shortcode [proverb] where he…
WP247 Extension Notification Server (wp247)
description plugin | | |
Provides the ability for WordPress extension developers to send notification messages to their users
Footer Contact Form (Pawnesh Rai)
description plugin | | |
A Contact Us plug-in which add static contact form on every page.
Flickr Gallery (WebKinder)
description plugin | | |
Flickr gallery integration for WordPress
FB – Events In City (Hardik Bhavsar)
description plugin | | |
Display Facebook local events and things happening in your city right on your blog.
WP Database Session Handler (Stefano Canziani)
description plugin | | |
Add handling of user session inside SQL Database. This session manager is useful if you have an environment with more than one frontend server and a l …
BeRocket Custom Thank You Page (BeRocket)
description plugin | | |
Custom Thank You Page is necessary solution that gives store owners opportunity to thank customers for their orders.
Yapsody Events Calendar (Yapsody)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to display your events on your WordPress site in a Calendar.
Gallery and Lightbox (Oğulcan Özügenç)
description plugin | | |
Simple, responsive and a fast gallery plugin.
Team Showcase (Pickelements)
description plugin | | |
Team Ultimate plugin allows you to create and manage nice team page easily. You can create unlimited teams, members and categories.
GVSoft Photobox (Vladimir Giryavyy)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides frame for viewing photos and pictures.
WordPress OpenWeatherMap Weather Forecast Plugin Lite (CodeSpeedy)
description plugin | | |
WordPress OpenWeatherMap Weather Forecast Plugin Lite show current weather data and weather forecast data for a city that can be set as default city f …
Website screenshot blocks for Gutenberg (PressMaximum)
description plugin | | |
Website screenshot using screenshotbin API Gutenberg
WooCommerce Racoon (Sebastian Lind)
description plugin | | |
The WooCommerce Racoon extends the backend functionality of WooCommerce.
Notifyfox – A Plugin for Web Push Notifications (Notifyfox)
description plugin | | |
Enables Notifyfox on all user available pages.
Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks (MakeWebBetter)
description plugin | | |
Ultimate Gutenberg Block is a plugin for Gutenberg editor which adds many useful blocks to Gutenberg Editor.
woocommerce ebay integration (zizou1988)
description plugin | | |
woocommerce ebay integration is a plugin that offer all tools to import and sell products on your woocommerce store. easy to install and easy to use.
Clio Grow (Themis Solutions, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
The Clio Grow plugin for Wordpress enables law firms who use Clio Grow to automatically capture leads from their website or blog into the Clio Grow CR …
Published Posts Locked URL (Ireneo Piccinini)
description plugin | | |
Blocks URL modifications if post is already public. URL can still be modified if the article is a draft.
Complete News Publishing (Rizwan Aziz)
description plugin | | |
A complete module to manage and display news on your site.
Unique Uploaded Media Name (Sazzad Hossain Sharkar)
description plugin | | |
Unique uploaded media names by adding some extra random string
Set in the Future (Richard J Brum)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to alter the display of all of your posts (and pages) so they appear to be set into the future (e.g. 2364 instead of 2016)
WordPress Backend Terms Filter (Evgen "EvgenDob" Dobrzhanskiy)
description plugin | | |
PLugin add filter field to admin backend taxonomy terms list to select categories in faster way.
Easy auto tags (Samaneh Mirrajabi)
description plugin | | |
Generate post tags from post title and content with Google. this plugin get help google.com…
ZM Gallery (ZenMaker)
description plugin | | |
ZM Gallery is animated gallery which use beautiful css3 effects
Smart Post Rating (Kjeld Hansen)
description plugin | | |
A post rating system.
WooCommerce Order Delivery Date (multidots)
description plugin | | |
Let your customers choose order delivery date on checkout page, as well as offer standard delivery time based on their shipping address.
Gboy Custom Google Map (Ehues)
description plugin | | |
Add google map to your wordpress post and pages in less than 30 seconds with latest trending 16 styles.
Dixa Chat (Lee Firth)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to add a Dixa Chat widget into the footer of every page on your website by hooking into wp_footer.
Olapic Shortcode Plugin (Olapic)
description plugin | | |
A shortcode plugin allowing users to use shortcodes to surface Olapic Javascript codes on WordPress posts
My Own Shortcodes (klick on it)
description plugin | | |
Create your own custom "Shortcodes" easily and use your shortcodes within posts, pages & widgets
Short Links and Traffic (klick on it)
description plugin | | |
Easily readable and speakable memorable short links controlled from within your WordPress dashboard using your domain name.
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