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Image Switcher (Saiem Khan)
description plugin | | |
Image Switcher plugin will give you ability to set two images together and image will change on Mouse hover.
dxw Members Only (dxw)
description plugin | | |
Prevent users who aren't logged in from viewing your site. Whitelist selected content or IPs.
PF404 for PetFinder (Steve Meyer)
description plugin | | |
Overrides your 404 page template and shows dogs, cats, and other animals in need of new homes and available for adoption.
PRyC WP: User(s) ID (PRyC)
description plugin | | |
Add column with user(s) ID to WordPress users list
RBS Remote Dashboard Welcome Control (Roadbear Studios - Rene Diekstra)
description plugin | | |
Create a custom Remote Dashboard Welcome page for your users on your own website.
Gallaury (Galau Gallery) (Hadie Danker)
description plugin | | |
Add your all image attachment in single post
ourwebsms (Bill Banks )
description plugin | | |
Sms marketing that uses http://ourwebms.com
Screeny Screenerton (Gary Kovar)
description plugin | | |
This plugin shows an image preview of what a post would look like when viewed on mobile. The image preview shows in a column on the posts page in wp-
autometa's SUMUS (JorgeAmVF)
description plugin | | |
It reproduces publication excerpts in pages or posts simply via: [sumus].
Corporate Portfolio powered by ASSIST (Assist)
description plugin | | |
Plugin for displaying Testimonials and Team
MyContactAdmin (Tissier Olivier & Diot Guillaume)
description plugin | | |
Un plugin d'information sur les coordonnées de l'administrateur, Webmaster, Concepteur du site.
GitStatusPress (Konstantinos Galanakis)
description plugin | | |
Get an Admin Toolbar menu that contains all the installed plugin that are installed using git along with relevant information for each one.
Simple Twitter Slider ()
description plugin | | |
Simple Twitter Slider - Display your Twitter Feeds on your website.
CodePicnic (CodePicnic)
description plugin | | |
Embed your CodePicnic consoles with two clicks, or paste a CodePicnic console URL to embed it automatically.
Share Posts To Email (Troplr)
description plugin | | |
Let your visitors share your content via mail.
WC First Data Payment Gateway (Virtina | Jinesh.P.V)
description plugin | | |
WC First Data Payment Gateway addon adds a payment option for customers to pay with their Credit Cards.
LH Offline Indicator (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
LH Offline Indicator uses 'offline.js' library to automatically alert users when they've lost internet connectivity.
Platbox Gateway for WooCommerce (Platbox Team)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds to your site a payment method via the PlatBox Online Payment System.
Scout for WordPress (Scout)
description plugin | | |
Embed the Scout lead form via [scout_form] shortcode
WooCommerce Voxy API Integration (Mircea Sandu)
description plugin | | |
Enables WooCommerce subscription products & regular products to be associated with Voxy organizations.
Web2Store from Adelya (Adelya Loyalty Operator)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows to integrate web2store modules to the wordpress pages.
Recent FluxBB Topics (Mister WP)
description plugin | | |
This plugin grabs your recent FluxBB topics for you to display in WordPress using widgets or shortcodes.
GoAbroad HQ Plugin (GoAbroad HQ Team)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Plugin for GO Abroad HQ Clients. You will need your HQ Username and API…
GetDeals (Dhaval Mehta)
description plugin | | |
Create a fully functional and customizable search engine and price comparison website for FREE.
WordPress SEO Content Cloaker (Nicolas TRIMARDEAU)
description plugin | | |
Generate a new shortcode that use RDNS to obfuscate content for GoogleBot
Post Like/Dislike (Pratik Tambekar(Software developer))
description plugin | | |
This plugin is use to like/dislike for post. after successfully activation of the plugin WPLD Settings will be activated at admin side where you can c …
Admin Bar Styler (John Alarcon)
description plugin | | |
Colorize the admin bar to match your site style. Also handy for creating a visual distinction between different environments such as DEV, QA, UAT, PRO …
OriginStamp (Eugen Stroh, Thomas Hepp, Bela Gipp, André Gernandt)
description plugin | | |
OriginStamp is an automated time-stamping solution for your WordPress posts using the OriginStamp API service.
Universal Social Reputation (USR)
description plugin | | |

This plugin connect your blog with ACMESocial user's database.

Whenever a user comes to your blog, you will be able to prevent its comments if he or she has been a troll in other blogs and has received bad score.
If this user has got a good reputation, you will be able to act in consequence and maybe you would accept automatically her/his comment!

You shall warn your users that this plugin may collect data from their usage of your blog in order to know better these persons.
This knowledge will prevent trolls from comming!

ZPWP SimpleStat (zPiK)
description plugin | | |
Display statistics MySQL, RAM and time for generated admin page.
autometa's WOODO (JorgeAmVF)
description plugin | | |
It reproduces product categories and tags in products and it generates a cloud mixing categories and tags of products simply via: [woocats] and [woota …
UPD8 Feedback (UPD8)
description plugin | | |
A simple & lightweight, multilingual WordPress plugin to collect your users 5 star rating like feedback.
Total User Count Shortcode (Morgan Hvidt)
description plugin | | |
Display the total amount of users in your WP with the [total-user-count] shortcode plugin
Jetpack Login (Harman Singh Hira)
description plugin | | |
This plugin simply remove default Login Form from login page. If you are really sick of spam logins that are happening gain and again, then simply use
Skyway WebRTC (lizefield)
description plugin | | |
You can use WebRTC simply on WordPress. Just one tag. SFU mode.
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