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Child Pages Tabs (Rushi jagani)
description plugin | | |
Add all the child pages Title and Content in the tabs layout to the parent page.
Admin Logo Changer (WP Hound)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will allow you to Add a logo to your login page.
Disable WP Updates All (WP Hound)
description plugin | | |
Disable all WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins updates upon plugin activation
Banner Image for post and page (Logicrays)
description plugin | | |
Banner Image is a great plugin to implement custom banner Image for each page. You can set images easily and later can manage CSS from your theme.
Post Duplication (WP Hound)
description plugin | | |
Creates functionality to duplicate any and all post types, including taxonomies & custom fields.
Woocommerce Product Page Social Share (Sajjad Hossain Sagor)
description plugin | | |
Add attractive & responsive social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to your product pages.
Luminate Top Participants (rchiriboga)
description plugin | | |
Finally an easy way to show your Blackbaud Luminate Online Top Participants information on your wordpress website. You can add your top participants, …
VILLOID – brand integration (VILLOID)
description plugin | | |
It enables integrations of your WooCommerce shop with VILLOID platform
Simple Image Optimizer (Elías Margolis)
description plugin | | |
Free plugin for image optimization. Simple Image Optimizer lets you set the quality of all images to to improve your SEO.
LH Webhooks Api (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
Adds an API for adding your own webhooks in WordPress
Admin Email Carbon Copy (Annesley Newholm)
description plugin | | |
Copies the admin user in on all emails
Admin Menu Organizer (Callum Richards)
description plugin | | |
Reorder and simplify your admin menu by sorting pages into expandable drawers, using a simple Drag-and-Drop interface.
Simple Connect & Adverts (Spieleträume)
description plugin | | |
Simple Connect & Adverts lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages. By using your own template , you can present the pro …
EVS Age Verification (Electronic Verification Systems)
description plugin | | |
The EVS Age Verification App automates integration with IdentiFraud Consumer+ to allow for true age verification to meet compliance requirements withi …
Appsila WooQuote (Securify Ltd.)
description plugin | | |
Appsila WooQuote is a plugin that enables your customers send quote requests from your woocommerce shop which will then be tracked in a full functiona …
Simple AutoPOP (EventUpon)
description plugin | | |
A simple calendar that calls the EventUpon API to pull the next three events from the organizations you’ve selected!
Wonkasoft Logout (Wonkasoft)
description plugin | | |
Wonkasoft Logout is a simple plugin for the adding of a redirect on logouts and logins.
Mapple (André Kelling)
description plugin | | |
To show a google map with the locations of your clients. You can output additionally…
WP Asset SpeedUp (Georg Griesser)
description plugin | | |
Speed Up your WordPress page the easy way and optimize your site's assets.
OXSN Navigation (oxsn)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a navigation shortcode!
Per Page Headers and Footers Code (Jaber Marketing)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to add header and footer code to your wordpress website on a per page basis.
Logo Showcase with Slick Slider (Plugin & Play)
description plugin | | |
Create Logo Showcase with Slick Slider
WooCommerce Mega Menu – QuadMenu (WooCommerce Mega Menu)
description plugin | | |
Create a Mega Menu in WooCommerce.
Post Author IP (Scott Reilly)
description plugin | | |
Records the IP address of the original post author when a post first gets created.
Logicrays Easy Coming soon page (Logicrays)
description plugin | | |
Logicrays Easy Coming soon is the perfect WordPress plugin to Add a maintenance or coming soon page easily to your website/blog that lets visitors kno …
FairPlayer SMS Gateway (FairPlayer Team)
description plugin | | |
Add SMS capabilities to your website. Send and receive SMS messages using just your Android device.
WooCommerce Zoranga Checkout Payment Gateway (Incofab Ikenna)
description plugin | | |
Accepts airtime from MTN, AIRTEL, 9 MOBILE etc... as payment on your WooCommerce store.
Creww (crewwapp)
description plugin | | |
With this plugin users will be able to add content directly to their Creww account and get analytics of the posts which include total number of posts, …
Tour Operator Maps (LightSpeed)
description plugin | | |
Embed maps on your Tour Operator website that show the progress your guests make as they travel from destination to destination
Screeney (Daryll Doyle)
description plugin | | |
Connects your website with the Screeney bug tracking web application.
Shop as Client for WooCommerce (Webdados)
description plugin | | |
Allows a WooCommerce store Administrator or Shop Manager to use the frontend and assign a new order to a registered or new customer.
CC-ID-Column (Clearcode)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a column with post ID before the title column on wp-admin posts…
Bitcoin CoinNexus accept fiat and get bitcoin payment plugin (CoinNexus Oy)
description plugin | | |
Accept EUR, USD or CHF payments from customers and receive Bitcoins.
WooCommerce Cheetahpay Checkout Payment Gateway (Cheetahpay Nigeria)
description plugin | | |
Accepts airtime from MTN, AIRTEL, 9 MOBILE etc... as payment on your WooCommerce store.
WooCommerce Visma Integration (Wetail)
description plugin | | |
Komplett integration för WooCommerce och Visma eEkonomi.
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