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pqInternet's NextGEN Database Analysis and Clean-up Tool (fwblack)
description plugin | | |
NextGEN Gallery can leave orphaned records in the database. This plugin checks for orphaned records…
Yaurau-Ip-Blocker (Rauvtovich Yauhen)
description plugin | | |
The plugin blocks IP-addresses on the entered IP-address, and temporarily blocks IP-addresses when exceeding the limit of login and password and displ …
Recruitly (Recruitly Support)
description plugin | | |
Recruitly wordpress plugin.
Auto Dashboard Language (Patrick de Groot (WS))
description plugin | | |
Auto Dashboard Language: Set WordPress widgets language to browser language of visitor unless configured at…
Gravity Forms Create User & Auto login FREE (Fredrik Sundlöf)
description plugin | | |
Create and login a new user with Gravity Forms.
Rich Context Experience Embed (richcontext, cwhittl)
description plugin | | |
Embed Rich Context experiences on your site.
Customize Plus (KnitKode)
description plugin | | |
Enhance and extend the WordPress Customize in your themes.
Website Admin Two-Factor Authentication (SiteGuarding.com)
description plugin | | |
Description: Two-factor authentication is a security process in which user provides two authentication factors to proof they are who they say they are …
Query Strings Remover (Hibiscus Technolab)
description plugin | | |
Remove query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files.
Woocommerce ADS Banner Above Related Product (Krisna Pramu Waskito)
description plugin | | |
Minimum Requirement
Zdjęcia do wpisów w RSS (promujblogapl)
description plugin | | |
Wtyczka dodająca zdjęcia wyróżniające do każdego wpisu w kanale RSS.
jAlbum Bridge (jalbum)
description plugin | | |
With this plugin you can add spectacular projectors of jAlbum albums on your Wordpress site.
Rave Payment Gateway for Paid Membership Pro (Oluwole Adebiyi (King Flamez))
description plugin | | |
Accept Credit card, Debit card and Bank account payment on Paid Membership Pro with the Rave payment gateway. Description = With this plugin you Pa …
IHS Geo Location (Imran Sayed)
description plugin | | |
This plugin detects your location and makes certain classes available to you which you can apply to the div elements or use shortcodes in your theme t …
WP Open Graph Protocol (e-JOINT.jp)
description plugin | | |
It is a WordPress plugin that makes Table of Contents automatically.
Azure Cloud Shell Link Generator (Sam Cogan)
description plugin | | |
Generate a button in your blog posts to open Microsoft Azure Cloud Shell right next to your code samples.
Xenial (Joshua Trimm)
description plugin | | |
Upload Xenial to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Unzip the file Activate Xenial
Wenprise Better Emails (WordPress 智库)
description plugin | | |
美化 WordPress 评论审核通知邮件,评论回复通知邮件。
Notification Top Bar (Notificator)
description plugin | | |
Responsive notification top & alert bar. Use for: Newsletter, social media, notification, call to action, video, countdown. 50+ Options.
DFOXT Thumbnails 分类标签图像扩展插件 (hoythan)
description plugin | | |
N4BT-Thumbnails WordPress 分类\标签图像扩展插件
WP Serverless Forms (Shifter)
description plugin | | |
Replace PHP form actions with API and WebHook driven services such IFTTT, Basin, FormKeep, Formspree, custom Endpoints and more.
Reblog: redirect new to old (wp-hotline.com ~ Stefan)
description plugin | | |
Reblog posts: create a new post and redirect to an old one
Simpact for Woocommerce (Simpact)
description plugin | | |
Connect your webshop to a charity, Simpact provides a simple checkbox in webshop checkouts that allows shoppers to make a small donation.
Hearty Image Hover Light (Hearty Plugins)
description plugin | | |
Hearty Image Hover Light is a free WordPress plugin that lets you upload any image…
WP CFG Leaderboard (AMRAP42 - Stefan Osterburg)
description plugin | | |
Put an affiliate leaderboard for the CrossFit Games Open 2018 on your website.
Chat-In Inc (Chat-In Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Chat-In es una solucion integral al momento de obtener contactos de tu página.
Woo Manage Fraud Orders (Prasidhda Malla)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will add the functionality to black list the customer from checking out.
VP+ Telegram Instant View (VP+ Oleg Valko)
description plugin | | |
This plugin automatically generates a link for each entry to view in Telegram Instant View
Woo to Moodle (Jean-Pierre Hutter)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will automatically enroll in Moodle customers who buy the course in WooCommerce.
Business Opening Hours Lite (wpfruits)
description plugin | | |
Shortcode, Special Opening hours Requires at least: 3.0 Tested up to: 4.7.4 Stable tag: 1.0.0 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.
Woo Stock Alert Lite (WPFruits)
description plugin | | |
Woo Stock Alert
Hetzner Online Cloud Control (Hendrik Bäker)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin needs an API Token to connect with the Hetzner Cloud API and let…
Get Status (getstatus)
description plugin | | |
getStatus is a simple DIY to instantly introduce neat "customer area" for clients to have access to project status.
Disable Redirect for s2member (drvmehta)
description plugin | | |
Disable automatic redirect for s2member
Woo Price Notification Lite (WPFruits)
description plugin | | |
Woo Price Notification
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