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WP Jam Session (Wonkasoft)
description plugin | | |
Wonkasoft's WP Jam Session is a plugin that will increase your analytical leverage. Use WP Jam Session to automatically fill in referrals, sales …
MWS Click-to-reveal (Andy Ryan - Modern Web Services)
description plugin | | |
Prevent spam-bots from harvesting your email address or other sensitive information form your website by requiring users to click to reveal the infor …
UniPress API – IssueM (UniPress Development Team)
description plugin | | |
IssueM Add-on for UniPress Plugin.
Keep Editor Type (hana)
description plugin | | |
TinyMCEのビジュアルエディタ or テキストエディタのエディタタイプを投稿毎に変更します。 This plugin change TinyMCE's editor type(visual editor or text editor) for each post, not for ea …
Appota Wallet (Appota)
description plugin | | |
Thanh toán an toàn với Appota Wallet. Thực hiện thanh toán an toàn với Ví…
Display Music (Nicholas Smith)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin to display musical content (musical scores, guitar tabs, etc/tbd...) inside your WordPress content
SocialPlus (Flavius12)
description plugin | | |
Add custom share buttons to your blog. With SocialPlus you can add customizable share buttons on your blog pages, posts and homepage.
Advanced Forms PayPal Payment Buttons (Demotic Limited)
description plugin | | |
Create PayPal Payment Buttons with the power of Advanced Forms and Advanced Custom Fields.
Better Buttons – For Amazon Affiliates (Thomas Adam)
description plugin | | |
Amazon Affiliate Call to Action buttons users will actually click.
WP Site Monitor (Benjamin Wibrew)
description plugin | | |
Extends official WP REST API to provide extra endpoints to help manage sites remotely.
Sectors – Conditional Templates & Hooks (Joachim Jensen)
description plugin | | |
What if you could add templates, actions, and filters depending on the context?
Content Blocks (Range)
description plugin | | |
Beautiful content blocks for your website!
SV Gravity Forms Enhancer (Matthias Reuter)
description plugin | | |
Fixes several issues in Gravity Forms
SV WooCommerce Order Export (Matthias Reuter)
description plugin | | |
Exports WooCommerce Order Data
SocialHub (SocialHub Dev Team)
description plugin | | |
Integrates WordPress with the SocialHub Software.
Reve Click2Tweet (Fernando Reve)
description plugin | | |
Add totally custom, responsive and fast Click to tweet boxes to your WordPress site.
Георгиевская ленточка для сайта (Денис Иванов )
description plugin | | |
Плагин выводит георгиевскую ленточку в левом углу вашего сайта на cms wordpress.
WPLib (The WPLib Team)
description plugin | | |
A Foundation Library for Agency and Corporate Developers.
Subscription Payu Latam (Saul Morales Pacheco)
description plugin | | |
Receive recurring payments for the countries Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru
Show SERP Preview (Moki-Moki Ios)
description plugin | | |
Displays how your page appears in search engine results. A handy tool to design titles and descriptions that are appealing to search engine users.
Logo Showcase Creative (Concept Corners)
description plugin | | |
Logo Showcase Creative is a best way to add logo in your website with grid and slider designs.
Third PARTY URL (Ketan umretiya)
description plugin | | |
Third party url plugin chek all link in site if any link found thirdparty yhen it will automatik open in new window.
Motiforms (Motivast)
description plugin | | |
Motiforms is a WordPress plugin provided for creating forms programmatically using Symfony framework.
SparkEmbed (Codecide)
description plugin | | |
SparkChart Embed -- aka SparkEmbed -- is a lightweight module that allows Spark Chart (https://www.sparkchart.com/) users to easily embed satellite su …
Get Affiliate Link (GetAffiliateLink.com)
description plugin | | |
Get Affiliate Link for WordPress. You provide your affiliate codes, we do the rest.
Magicolumns (Kay Belardinelli)
description plugin | | |
Columns of text that stretch to fit, with easy-to-use shortcodes.
BS FAQ Plugin (Bipul Sarkar)
description plugin | | |
Quick and Easy way to add FAQs
WPMA – Mobile App Transformer (wpmobiapp)
description plugin | | |
WPMA - Mobile App Transformer
SaySo Pubs | Monetize & Engage Your Visitors (SaySo Pubs)
description plugin | | |
Monetize your website with our free survey offerwall. Your visitors give opinions and earn gift…
Yoti Connect (Moussa Sidibe)
description plugin | | |
Yoti is a digital identity platform that simply allows a user to securely log in to your WordPress site faster, password free!
Clear Debug.log Cron (Morgan Friedman)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will automatically all views for Gravity Forms, on a regular basis.
WCSociality (po5epT)
description plugin | | |
The WCSociality plug-in makes it possible to add a rating to the page or record of the system, a button of the likes and the question "Was the ar …
iDatAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager (Jesmeen)
description plugin | | |
Easily manage, shrink and track your affiliate links in WordPress.
Assign Related Posts (Arshad Hussain)
description plugin | | |
Assigns related posts to specific post.
Auto hads auto-hads (huynhduy1985)
description plugin | | |
Use to get news or products from other websites on the internet Document here: https://www.kadrealestate.com/plugins/auto-hads/
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