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Real User Monitoring by RapidSpike (RapidSpike)
description plugin | | |
Live performance data via Real User Monitoring. Track real user experience - traffic volume and page load speed - by country, browser and device.
QuizMaster Grades (GoldHat Group)
description plugin | | |
Provides grading support for QuizMaster including passing grade, and ability to setup multiple grades with different achievement messages.
WP Vivid Arts Pro (Vivid Arts)
description plugin | | |
Artist directory and profile integration.
Action Button by Speakable (Speakable, PBC)
description plugin | | |
Adds an Action Button shortcode that can be used to easily embed civic and philanthropic actions into your posts.
AdminLabs (AdminLabs)
description plugin | | |
With AdminLabs monitoring you are always aware of your website status. Your customers expect your website to be available 24/7.
Aklamator INfeed (Aklamator)
description plugin | | |
Show instagram photos, videos and content from selected channel on your blog easily. Just click…
Admin Users Logged In (Marcel Pol)
description plugin | | |
Dashboard widget that shows admin users and when they were last logged in.
Simple social buttons (HalcheSM)
description plugin | | |
Simple WordPress plug-in social networking buttons
Cosmic Spam Protection – Email Address Protector (Cosmic WP)
description plugin | | |
Protect your email address against spam bots with ease. Just install our plugin and your emails are safe.
Easy Filtering (Fco Palacios Chaves)
description plugin | | |
Filter posts and custom posts by terms for a selected taxonomy
GR Dashboard Notes (Achim T.)
description plugin | | |
This plugin let you create notes on the dashboard for different roles of your choice.
Chatpiper wordpress (WhiteCity Code)
description plugin | | |
A Wordpress plugin to assist in installing the ChatPiper chat app
Color Picker (ifourtechnolab)
description plugin | | |
Add Color Picker on any page Help you to create dynamic color for user front website.
Logo and Address Widget with Schema (Webstix)
description plugin | | |
Are you still trying to show your business address in the plain text widget? Are…
Bulk Categories Assign (Haider Ali)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that will used to select and assign bulk categories to gallery images.
Scale Lite Tools (Ionut Morariu)
description plugin | | |
Integrates HTML Blocks and Google Maps modules. Modular architecture, enable only the modules you use.
Smart Search for WooCommerce (WooDev)
description plugin | | |
Easily increase the conversion rate of your search with the MoCo High Performance Search. Super easy setup. Super fast results.
Planfy Online Booking (Planfy)
description plugin | | |
Allow customers to book your services and classes online. Automated SMS Reminders, Online Payments and More.
Wadvisor plugin (JF Lefebvre)
description plugin | | |
Display the Wadvisor Page and Question Widgets.
Apermo Xdebug (Christoph Daum)
description plugin | | |
This plugin helps developers that use Xdebug.
UpTimer (Pavel Petrov)
description plugin | | |
The UpTimer plugin for WordPress lets you see and analyse your website uptime and pagespeed on your dashboard and in details in the plugin's page
thikr allah ()
description plugin | | |
This plugin helps you remember allah , and gain you some hassanat
dw-directory (디자인아레테)
description plugin | | |
이 플러그인은 워드프레스에서 디렉토리 서비스를 할 수 있도록 고안되었습니다.
Common Links (UaMV)
description plugin | | |

Common Links allows you to add regularly used links to the search results when linking text content of your post.

Add your common links from the *Tools* menu. Then, when linking content, begin typing the link title or URL to pull up and insert the link.

Forms: 3rd-Party Resend Gravity Forms (zaus)
description plugin | | |
Resend Gravity Forms submissions to 3rdparty service when updating entries.
WooCommerce Carta Docente (ilGhera)
description plugin | | |
Abilita in WooCommerce il pagamento con Carta del Docente.
Event Creator (The Ticketteer Team)
description plugin | | |
Enables event management capabilities to list and manage events (shows) on your website
App banner (Vitaly Peretiatko)
description plugin | | |
Requires at least: 4.0 Tested up to: 4.8 Requires PHP: 5.6 Stable tag: 1.1 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.
WP Lazy Loader for Images and Videos (BlashO)
description plugin | | |
WP Lazy Loader plugin helps to lazy load images, YouTube videos and reduce blog loading…
LeadLab by wiredminds (wiredminds GmbH)
description plugin | | |
Integration of the Wiredminds LeadLab trackingcode.
Jibber Chat (Jibber AB)
description plugin | | |
Jibber is a chat service that lets you connect with your customers instantly. It works by placing a chat bubble on your Wordpress site that your custo …
Voguepay plugin for Paid Memberships Pro (kunlexzy)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to accept payment from local and international customers on Paid Memberships Pro.
Woo-UnionPay-API (Yedpay)
description plugin | | |
This Payment Gateway For WooCommerce extends the functionality of WooCommerce to accept payments from Unionpay
Donate visa (Saul Morales Pacheco)
description plugin | | |
Receive donations with simplified payment method with Visa checkout
Unify (CodeClouds )
description plugin | | |
A CRM payment plugin which enables connectivity with LimeLight/Konnektive CRM and many more.
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