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/* Plugin Name: GauliScore (M. Prasodjo)
description plugin | | |
*/ Learndash custom Leaderboard Prerequisite : Learndash Plugin. There is 2 shortcode gauliscore shortcode [gauliscore id=postid limit=numberofl …
Reference – WordPress Knowledgebase Plugin (Dunhakdis)
description plugin | | |
A Simple and Lightweight Knowledgebase Plugin for WordPress. You can use Reference plugin to add tutorials and knowledgebase to your website.
Database Admin by DigitialPixies (Robert Huie)
description plugin | | |
Friendly UI for browsing database contents. Administrative actions will be available in future version
Join Us (fruitfulcode)
description plugin | | |
Join Us plugin gives an ability to create a gallery of users who are going to visit your event using Facebook login. Enable your guests to use also Li …
WooNinjas Salesforce WP to Lead with AffiliateWP (Wooninjas)
description plugin | | |
This add-on integrates Salesforce Wordpress To Lead with AffiliateWP
Deactivate XML-RPC Service (DeveloperWil)
description plugin | | |
Disables the XMP-RPC API service introduced in WordPress 3.5 and above.
WP Dynamic Gallery Slideshow Basic (AlumniOnline Web Services)
description plugin | | |
Convert your blogs photo galleries into dynamic slideshows.
WPSSO Breadcrumbs Markup using Schema JSON-LD for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
WPSSO Core extension to add JSON-LD formatted Schema BreadcrumbList markup for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google.
Reconews (CARTMAKER)
description plugin | | |
Reconewsは投稿されたコンテンツの内容を解析して、関連する外部のニュースやコンテンツを取得して投稿ページに表示することで内容の充実を図ることができます。 外部ニュースは下記のいずれかのサイトより取得することができます bing (bingの検索結果が表示されます。) Googleニュース …
ListShine Signup Forms (mporcic)
description plugin | | |
A responsive and intuitive plugin for using your ListShine signup forms on your wordpress website! Share all of your favorite listshine signup forms o …
About Rentals (About Rentals. Inc.)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is 20 years in the making. Over 20 years of research and development in the property management industry has been built into this amazing …
Your social icons (Erik Dukker, Eduk.nl)
description plugin | | |
Use (your) icons to share content or links to your pages with a professional look and feel.
Tinycart (Tinycart)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you pick items from your Tinycart.com account to quickly sell them on your Wordpress website.
OriginStamp (Eugen Stroh, Thomas Hepp, Bela Gipp, André Gernandt)
description plugin | | |
OriginStamp is an automated time-stamping solution for your WordPress posts using the OriginStamp API service.
Gravity Forms Total Amount Shortcode (Pronto Tools)
description plugin | | |
A simple shortcode that displays the “Total” filed value from any Gravity Form.
Crisp Gallery (Crisp Themes)
description plugin | | |
Free responsive WordPress gallery plugin where you can display images in a grid layout. Custom options included for each gallery with border or border …
Simple Google Testimonials (Tropical Juice)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you gather reviews and ratings from your customers. Your total score is being sent with Rich Snippets for Google.
Smart Search for WooCommerce (WooDev)
description plugin | | |
Easily increase the conversion rate of your search with the MoCo High Performance Search. Super easy setup. Super fast results.
HGT Video Embed (HeyGoTo)
description plugin | | |
A video Embed Plugin that allows to embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or even Mp4 videos with some advanced options and creates shortcodes.
Addressbar Meta Theme Color (William Patton)
description plugin | | |
Changes the address bar colour for users with mobile browsers (works in Chrome and Opera).
VG Block REST API (Vishal Gupta)
description plugin | | |
VG Block REST API is block the access to the REST API for the normal user and register user, only Admin can access the rest API.
Messenger Customer Chat Plugin (Ringotel)
description plugin | | |
Allows to easily add an official Messenger Customer Chat Plugin to your website.
Bugyard (Bugyard)
description plugin | | |
This plugins help you quickly deploy bugyard feedback widget in your wordpress website.
Seanote (Seanote Team)
description plugin | | |
Seanote embed seanote.com polls on your Wordpress sites.
Natterly (aTech Media)
description plugin | | |
An official plugin created to make it easier to embed the Natterly live chat box.
WP AutoMedic (Tony Hayes)
description plugin | | |
Fixes the Internet! Self-healing nanobots for your website! ...or at least, automatically reloads broken images and other page resources.
bbP Markdown (Markus Echterhoff)
description plugin | | |
Elegant Markdown support for your bbPress forums.
Traction External Links Speed Bump (Team Traction)
description plugin | | |
Activates a speed bump on all external links and gives site owner the ability to enter a list of domains or specific links that when clicked will not …
Analytics Tracking (hirofumi2012)
description plugin | | |
Add the tracking code snippet to each web page.
Gravity Forms Salesmate Add-On (Salesmate.io)
description plugin | | |
Make Contact and Deal lead using gravity form in Salesmate CRM very easily.
Download Media (LittleBizzy)
description plugin | | |
Quickly and easily download a raw file of any media currently uploaded on your WordPress website without requiring SFTP info or fancy dependencies.
Formidable Forms Modal (WebHolics)
description plugin | | |
Modal/Popup addon for Formidable Forms.Create beutiful modals using Formidable Forms to newsletters, login, registration forms.
White Label WordPress Login Page (Ozan Canakli)
description plugin | | |
Install and activate the plugin and change the default style of WordPress login with a unique white-label style.
ALERT BOX (Ketan umretiya)
description plugin | | |
Frontend Alert selected post or page from having a option to selece page or post and add custom alert view in fron when selected page or post load.
Editor Inline Code (hana)
description plugin | | |
TinyMCEのCode Sample機能を追加します。 この機能を利用すると、エディター内のコードをシンタックスハイライトして表示できます。 Add Code Sample Plugin of TinyMCE. you can syntax highlight the code in TinyM …
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