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CMB2 Tabs (Team StackThemes )
description plugin | | |
CMB2 Tabs is an extenstion for CMB2 which allow you to oragnize fields into tabs.
Popup on Click (Yaroslav Grebnov)
description plugin | | |
Plugin provides a possibility to display content in a popup window after user clicks on…
Cision Block (cyclonecode)
description plugin | | |
A small plugin used for pulling and displaying pressreleases from cision.
Social Share Plugin (Kjeld Hansen)
description plugin | | |
A social share plugin for wp posts and pages.
Name: WP CroBox (Nesho Sabakov)
description plugin | | |
Simple wordpress plugin for adding cool customizable popup box to your website.
Seylan Bank payment gateway (RedEvoke Solutions)
description plugin | | |
Accept all online payments through secured Seylan bank payment gateway.
Convertize (Convertize)
description plugin | | |
Connect Convertize to your WordPress website. Integrate Convertize's unique tracking code into every page of your website in one click.
KRoute (Kimerikal -Custom software development-)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that supply shortcodes to get current dynamic URLs on wordpress editor.
Arashtad Accordion Plugin ()
description plugin | | |
Arashtad Accordion Plugin creates unlimited Accordion widgets on WordPress websites.
File Time Monitor (PSD to Final)
description plugin | | |
Running regular imports? This plugin allows you to quickly see when your import / export or other important files were updated!
loks.us Monetization (loks Team)
description plugin | | |
Official loks.us plugin. Monetize your website easily with short links and pop ads.
BBP Bulk Unsubscribe (VibeThemes)
description plugin | | |
Bulk Unsubscribe members from your BBPress forums and topics.
Demo shortcode (Krzysztof Antoniak)
description plugin | | |
This plugin inserts a demo box inside a post. Just add [demo] tag or use media button in the editor.
WC Authorize.net Payment Gateway (Virtina | Jinesh.P.V)
description plugin | | |
WC Authorize.net Payment Gateway addon adds a payment option for customers to pay with their Credit Cards.
Gro CRM Contact to Leads (Gro CRM)
description plugin | | |
The Mac CRM small business platform designed for iOS and the Apple business market. Use our Gro CRM Contact-to-Leads WordPress Plug-in for your websit …
WP Proportion Image Maker (Lugano)
description plugin | | |
This extension provides possibility to create proportional image, where a product is displayed against a generic background of a man's outline, s …
Woo Stock Report Exporter (Prem Tiwari)
description plugin | | |
WC Stock Report Exporter is a WooCommerce plugin that helps you expport store reports.
Hide Admin Bar From Front End (Dev02ali)
description plugin | | |
Very simple and easy to use plugin for hiding admin bar from front end,
Content Snippets (Room 34 Creative Services, LLC)
description plugin | | |
Create reusable content snippets you can easily drop into any content area on your site.
Simple Services Promoter (Corporate Zen)
description plugin | | |
Easily showcase your services, products, or anything else anywhere on your site.
Auto Add Image Attributes (Suraj Lulla)
description plugin | | |
Automatically add image's Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description from image's filename with this WordPress…
Chatbot for Facebook (personic)
description plugin | | |
We convert your blog posts into chat messages via Facebook Messenger to notify your Facebook subscribers when your Wordpress site has new content.
Ternair Profile Widget (Ternair)
description plugin | | |
Ternair Profile enables marketeers in WordPress to customize and personalize content in real-time.
Multilist Subscribe for Sendy (Chris Nesbit)
description plugin | | |
Multilist Subscribe for Sendy adds a subscribe widget to your WordPress website so you can send post notifications to all your Sendy.co mailing lists.
** 4.828-06-2017511001
Affiliates Manager Stripe Payments Integration (wp.insider, affmngr)
description plugin | | |
Process an affiliate commission via Affiliates Manager after a Stripe Payments checkout
Responsive Pricing Table Builder – wpPricing Builder (Swebdeveloper)
description plugin | | |
Responsive pricing tables with various designs that are populated by using a drag & drop builder
StatCounter (LittleBizzy)
description plugin | | |
Inserts StatCounter tracking code just above the closing body tag to ensure the fastest loading speed and to avoid conflicting with any other scripts.
REST Logger (Kyle Benk)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress Plugin that logs WP-API REST Requests.
wpslimclamp (Alexandru Jantea)
description plugin | | |
Clamp text to fit containers, easy way to limit text to specific row number.
description plugin | | |
TRUSTist REVIEWer plugin adds a shortcode and widgets on your site site showing your customer reviews and star rating.
Simple Job Manager (Oleksandr Ustymenko)
description plugin | | |
You can create vacancies and send resumes.
Facebook to WP Posts (Ahmed Wael)
description plugin | | |
Get facebook page posts and save theme as a wordpress posts with thumbnails
letstalk button (topishare)
description plugin | | |
Add a social space to your website with topishare's Let's talk button. Make your visitors life easier socializing on your website.
WP Avoid Update (SimplerThanSimplest)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress extension to remove plugin-update link from plugin listing page. Helpful to avoid committing mistake in case you don't want to update a
Block Permalink Rewriting (Tan Fang Wai)
description plugin | | |
This plugin prevent WordPress from rewriting htaccess or web.config to prevent unintended files changes
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