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WP Master Business Menu (WP Master)
description plugin | | |
WP Master Business Menu allows you to create a simple and modern looking menu. This is great for displaying restaurant menus, venue events and much mo …
Helpful (Devhats)
description plugin | | |
Add a fancy feedback form under your posts or post-types and ask your visitors a question. Give them the abbility to vote with yes or no.
Simple Event Listing (Natalie MacLees)
description plugin | | |
Create a simple listing of events and display with a shortcode or widget.
Auto-Repost (yukimaru222)
description plugin | | |
Automatically repost old articles.
Amd (Jordi Verdaguer)
description plugin | | |
Amd is a simple wordpress plugin that allows you to add and manage meta description and title tag of your posts and pages.
Taxonomy Term List Visual Composer Addon (Manisha Makhija)
description plugin | | |
Taxonomy Term List Visual Composer Addon lets you give list of different categories, taxonomies and nested categories of different post types.
Bea Activator (Be API)
description plugin | | |

Very simple WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly deactivate & reactivate a plugin with only 1 click !
This is particularly useful when you have code that runs on activation - deactivation hooks.

Techxplorer’s Ping Recorder (techxplorer)
description plugin | | |
This plugin keeps a list of 'pings' from a home server to make it easy to remotely access it.
Dropwp Disable Products (Dropwp)
description plugin | | |
Plugin to create all WooCommerce producst on DRAFT status until a custom_meta is added.
Waterproof Wrapper BxSlider (jhotadhari)
description plugin | | |
Wrapper to extend the 'Waterproof Wrap Query' Plugin. Based on bxslider (http://bxslider.com/).!
Gosh Social Gallery (Tapastreet Ltd.)
description plugin | | |
Getting great quality pictures and videos is a breeze with our easy to use galleries.
WPT Hello World (Sergio Guillén (WPTester77))
description plugin | | |
Shows "Hello World!" on the center of every page. Educational purposes.
Top Smooth Scroll (Digital Ad Quest)
description plugin | | |
A complete plugin to add smooth scroll to your WordPress Website, Smooth Scroll To Top, Smooth Scroll To ID, Page Smooth Scrolling, Mouse Smooth Scrol …
JReferences (Janiko)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds references and citations functionalities (in a wikipedia-like style).
Responsive Bold Navigation (M. I. A. Ferdous)
description plugin | | |
Add a cool and bold Responsive Menu in your WordPress site using Responsive Bold Navigation. It also supports Font Awesome Icons.
netdebit-pgw (René Scholl)
description plugin | | |
Extends the functionality of WooCommerce to accept payments using NetDebit® Payment Gateway.
4.7 &13-02-20175100
WooCommerce Addon Uploads (Dhruvin Shah)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Addon Uploads
SniperPress Mail (SniperPress)
description plugin | | |
Add automation to your site by Adding and Removing from email lists in MailChimp and GetResponse on WordPress Hooks (On Register, On Comment).
KumulAid (Xavier Geerinck)
description plugin | | |
The KumulAid plugin adds the possibility for charities to add a donate button on their website using a simple shortcode.
Arashtad Accordion Plugin ()
description plugin | | |
Arashtad Accordion Plugin creates unlimited Accordion widgets on WordPress websites.
DW Anything (Factory.DocWriter.Ru)
description plugin | | |
Create custom database-driven widgets without programming.
Codeprey - Mi Post Order (Codeprey team)
description plugin | | |
To Add change order field on category page.
WP Date Search (Paul Johnson)
description plugin | | |
Adds date searching to WordPress search.
Hírstart Feed (Gábor Göcsei)
description plugin | | |
RSS Feed a hirstart.hu-hoz
Merlin Object Browser (MerlinOne Development Team)
description plugin | | |
Allows selection of images from Merlin Archive for use in WordPress
Bury Your Queers (LezWatch TV)
description plugin | | |
Display TV's dead queer females, brought to you by LezWatch TV.
KM Different theme to logged in users (KM Bytes)
description plugin | | |
The best solution to show a different theme to logged in users.
Easy Custom Post Type Maker (Clean to Shine)
description plugin | | |
Easy Custom Post Type Maker is the perfect plugin to create Custom Post Types and custom Taxonomies using admin panel.
WP Paging Ajax (thinhbg59)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin using ajax to paging.
Checker youtube videos (Egor Petrov)
description plugin | | |
This plugin finds youtube video ids in posts, pages and WooCommerce products and check - does this videos still available.
Tabbed Editor (Peter Raschendorfer)
description plugin | | |
Changes the editor screen into a tabbed interface for copywriters
KeyWord Panda – Keyword Analyzer for SEO (SEORankAnalyser.com)
description plugin | | |
KeyWord Panda is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based free keyword analyzer. It analyzes your website, curent keyword trends, Google ranking of keywords …
WC Stock Amount Report (Thiago GuimarĂ£es)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce report to visualize how much you have in your available stock if you sale everything.
Woo Sale Price (laboratorio d'Avanguardia)
description plugin | | |
It records in WooCommerce orders the product discount, calculated by difference between regular price and the sale price. Discount is shown before and …
Latest Tweets Obvs (Jase Warner)
description plugin | | |
Latest Tweets Obvs is a simple plugin that displays, well, latest tweets (obvs) via the Twitter API.
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