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WP Admin Protect (Marcello Ruoppolo)
description plugin | | |
Protect your WP Admin from visitors, this plugin easily change your wp-login url to hide it from users.
RW Divi Unite Gallery (ahmed17)
description plugin | | |
RW Divi Unite Gallery provides Unite Gallery Custom Module for Divi theme and visual page builder by elegantthemes.
Shortcode Ultimate (mndpsingh287)
description plugin | | |
Shortcode Ultimate Allows you to add custom shortcode in your pages, posts and custom post types
Scout Units List (Wiktor Maj)
description plugin | | |
Units management system for scout web pages.
Helpdesk Support Tickets Plugin for WordPress (HelpdeskSupportTickets Crew)
description plugin | | |
Helpdesk and Support Tickets Plugin built only for WordPress. No subscriptions, responsive, front end content, email notifications included.
Offline Updater (Link)
description plugin | | |
For those sites can't update online, like some read-only cloud or recover-after-restart server, now you can just check out those updating files a …
AliExpressImporter (CR1000Team)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to import the products directly from AliExpress in your Wordpress WooCommerce store and earn a commission!
ChimeIn Sidewall (Ximein Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Add Conversation to Your Site. ChimeIn adds a dialog layer to your page without interfering with your content.
Lead Captor (Quema Labs)
description plugin | | |
Attractive popup forms on exit intent to convert visitors into subscribers.
Customer Reviews for WooCommerce (ivole)
description plugin | | |
Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you get more sales with social proof. Set up automated review reminders and increase conversion rate.
PW WooCommerce Copy Coupon (Pimwick, LLC)
description plugin | | |
Simply adds a Copy button to WooCommerce coupons to make it easier to create new coupons!
Backup Database (FNY Web-IT)
description plugin | | |
Backup Database includes backup into Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, FTP, etc. You can simply backup your website and migrate it wherever you need it.
KC Admin area Monitor (Krum Cheshmedjiev)
description plugin | | |
Monitors WEB connections to your admin area. The "security camera" in your Admin dashboard.
STOMT - Instant Feedback Button (Philipp Nolte)
description plugin | | |
Add stomt's instant feedback widget to your wordpress site.
ShoppingGate for WooCommerce (ShoppingGate)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will allow your customers to post feedback about their shopping experience on ShoppingGate for WooCommerce
SendtoNews oEmbed (sendtonews)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds oEmbed support for SendtoNews videos by registering SendtoNews as a provider.
Don Social Widget (Rodrigo Donini)
description plugin | | |
Just another social widget plugin, put it in your sidebars and footer. Simple and flat.
Cowryz - Woocommerce (Ifeanyi)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to use Cowryz wallet payment with the WooCommerce plugin.
Cool Quick Sidebar (Kjeld Hansen)
description plugin | | |
A quick sidebar builder.
Avali Payments (Avali Payments Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Woocommerce Payment Gateway. Avali, pay securely using your bank. (only available in New Zealand for BNZ and Westpac banks)
Stats Dashboard for Coinpayments (soleo)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to display stats from coinpayment.net
EM Social Media (Erik Mitchell)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to add links to your social media pages/profiles via widget or shortcode.
BP 404s (Tomas Zhu:)
description plugin | | |
Fixed Buddypress 404 error when put buddyPress profiles in the root
Simple easy contact form (ifourtechnolab)
description plugin | | |
"Simple easy contact form" creates contact form in your website.
LittleBot ACH for Stripe + Plaid (Justin W Hall)
description plugin | | |
WordPress plugin that allows easy ACH bank transfer payments via Stripe + Plaid
VendorFuel (Hoffman Technologies, Inc dba VendorFuel)
description plugin | | |
VendorFuel is enterprise-level eCommerce at a small-business price. With advanced features it is the most powerful eCommerce engine for WordPress.
NJE Box Title Link Widget (Norm Euker)
description plugin | | |
Add simple text widget to sidebar, includes title, link, button
Plugins Stats Dashboard (David Baumwald)
description plugin | | |
Adds a dashboard widget that grabs plugin statistics from the WordPress.org Plugin Repository for a given author.
OXSN Font Awesome (oxsn)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds helpful font awesome shortcodes with quicktags!
OXSN Search Modal (oxsn)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds helpful search modal shortcodes with quicktags!
professione Architetto Job (redazione professione Architetto)
description plugin | | |
Italian Add-on for PDF invoices & packing slips for WooCommerce. Donate link: http://www.professionearchitetto.it/banner/
FLY Twitter Slider (Social Media Extensions)
description plugin | | |
FLY Twitter Slider is free twitter slider plugin for wordpress.
Kypala Live Chat (kypala)
description plugin | | |
Kypala Live Chat allows you to chat with visitors to your site via a customizable chat window.
GMappedLocatedPost (Paul Tournemaine)
description plugin | | |
This is a WordPress plugin which allows you to localize your posts.
Mage Product Select for ACF (Nick wan)
description plugin | | |
Mage Product Select for ACF Base on ACF Field Type Template. If you want to select MAGE products in your ACF field only, return you the Ids.
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