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sermon.net display (Michael Gyura)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that brings in your sermon.net data (sermon audio, sermon video, pdf, and live…
Listings for Reverb.com (James Low, Gear Tube)
description plugin | | |
Embed Reverb.com listings and search bar on Wordpress
Ajax Load More for SearchWP (Darren Cooney)
description plugin | | |
An Ajax Load More extension that adds compatibility with SearchWP
hiWeb AdmiMenu (Den Media)
description plugin | | |
An easy way to SORT, HIDE items admin menu by Drag&Drop method
Video.js HLS Player (Bruce Galpin)
description plugin | | |
Easily embed responsive/fluid (or fixed width) HLS videos into WordPress posts and pages using this…
Freedom Permalinks (krazykoder)
description plugin | | |
Change permalinks for standard or custom post types while using any domain name you want.
WooCommerce Sms Notification (witsolution)
description plugin | | |
Add to your WooCommerce store SMS notifications to your customers when order status changed.
Tracking La Poste for WooCommerce (Remi Corson)
description plugin | | |
Add-on for WooCommerce allowing shipments tracking via La Poste (France)
FC's Loan Calculator (financial-calculators.com)
description plugin | | |
A general purpose loan calculator includes an amortization schedule showing payment dates and a set…
SiteBam (SiteBam)
description plugin | | |
Essential marketing tools for any website.
Multisites In Link Search (Andy Boehm)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a modifier to Better Internal Link Search so you can search and create links to other blogs in your network.
Context Term Tidier (Robert Andrews)
description plugin | | |
Tidies taxonomies that contain a mess of unrelated terms by using AI to move terms to more appropriate taxonomies.
Deíknūmi (Kostas Vrouvas)
description plugin | | |
A -very- small plugin to see which template and files are included are used to display the current page. Heavily inspired by the guys at MagicPress.
Parent Comments (Libin Prasanth)
description plugin | | |
Recent Top Most Comment Parents is a simple wordpress plugin for listing only top most parent comments.
Wp Minimal Typography (Md Mahmudul Hasan)
description plugin | | |
Wp Minimal Typography is for header custom style & content style.
WP reCaptcha Login (Louis Fico)
description plugin | | |
License: GPLv2 or later This plugin uses reCaptcha V3 to add an extra layer of security at your login screen, preventing brute-force attacks.
Snelle Hosting Check (DNR Hosting)
description plugin | | |
De snelle hosting check controleert hoe lang het duurt voordat uw website wordt geladen.
Scroll Up Iron Man (Somonator)
description plugin | | |
Scroll Up with Iron Man
WP Hotell Security (WP Hotell United Works)
description plugin | | |
A small and simple plugin that limits the number of login attempts to protect your password.
One click deployer (Samuel Laulhau)
description plugin | | |
A wordpress deployer tool
Vendible Payment Gateway (http://vendible.org)
description plugin | | |
Accept cypto currency payments on your WooCommerce store using Vendible API.
Centangle-Team (Centangle Interactive)
description plugin | | |
Team plugin is fully Responsive WordPress Team member display plugin to create & manage your Team page easily. Your can display your Team members …
Clickperf (Clickperf)
description plugin | | |
Notre plugin vous permet d’implémenter le pixel postback sur votre site Wordpress.
Codedeyo GitHub Repositories (Adeleye Ayodeji)
description plugin | | |
Showcase user repositories with a shortcode.
Chartlocal (ChartLocal)
description plugin | | |
Chartlocal offers lead & call tracking, lead notifications & nurturing, ROI reports, analytics & insights, and mobile app & alerts.
WP Term Manager (Landon Otis)
description plugin | | |
WP Term Manager helps users clean up or hide terms for easier administration.
Hide All Page And All Post Title (Suresh Kumar)
description plugin | | |
Allows the authors hide the title on single pages and single posts via the edit…
Customized Message (Rajat Popli)
description plugin | | |
Add a customized message to any or all of your blog posts the easy way, instead of writing the same message again manually every time.
Condition-based HTML Snippet Injection (Javan Rasokat)
description plugin | | |
This Condition Injection plugin enables you to add html code to the footer of your blog based on your selected conditions.
Bitcoin ILS (OK Digital LTD.)
description plugin | | |
Enables site owners to implement the Bitcoin ILS exchange rate on their WP sites.
Chauhan Comments (Gautam Singh Chauhan)
description plugin | | |
This plugin integrates Facebook Comments at the posts, pages of your WordPress website
WP Search Include Meta Data (EastSide Code)
description plugin | | |
License: GPLv2 or later WordPress plugin to include post meta data when using the default search
Buffer Flush Fix (Openwrite)
description plugin | | |
If you've run into the error "failed to send buffer of zlib output compression" with WordPress, this simple plugin fixes the issue.
Ma3rifa footnote (HijraJapan)
description plugin | | |
Search Ma3rifa and find suitable description
RE Phone CTA (Team Blueotter)
description plugin | | |
Create a beautiful, elegant phone ring CTA that stay fixed on your screen. Whether you want it open a popup or make a call or just want to link to ano …
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