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Billy Mays Overtake (kennedysgarage)
description plugin | | |
Do you wish you could have Billy Mays pitch your blog.
Auto Translator for WPML (Ruben Arroyo Ceruelo)
description plugin | | |
Auto translate your web using google translator and WPML.org plugin.
Pz-RecentComments (poporon)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is intended to display a link in a blog card format. The goodbye to the text-only link.
Listings for Reverb.com (James Low, Gear Tube)
description plugin | | |
Embed Reverb.com listings and search bar on Wordpress
Tracking La Poste for WooCommerce (Remi Corson)
description plugin | | |
Add-on for WooCommerce allowing shipments tracking via La Poste (France)
Google Language Translator (Terence Williams)
description plugin | | |
Welcome to Google Language Translator! This plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool anywhere on your website using shortcode.
WPSSO Tweet a Quote (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
WPSSO Core add-on to provide Twitter-style quoted text for your content, with a convenient Tweet…
sermon.net display (Michael Gyura)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that brings in your sermon.net data (sermon audio, sermon video, pdf) for display on your WordPress website.
Ajax Load More for SearchWP (Darren Cooney)
description plugin | | |
An Ajax Load More extension that adds compatibility with SearchWP
hiWeb AdmiMenu (Den Media)
description plugin | | |
An easy way to SORT, HIDE items admin menu by Drag&Drop method
Avatar Proxy (Frans Allen)
description plugin | | |
Replaces Gravatar with local proxy and serve photo safely.
Video.js HLS Player (Bruce Galpin)
description plugin | | |
Easily embed responsive/fluid (or fixed width) HLS videos into WordPress posts and pages using this customized video.js player.
Freedom Permalinks (krazykoder)
description plugin | | |
Change permalinks for standard or custom post types while using any domain name you want.
WooCommerce Sms Notification (witsolution)
description plugin | | |
Add to your WooCommerce store SMS notifications to your customers when order status changed.
FC's Loan Calculator (financial-calculators.com)
description plugin | | |
A general purpose loan calculator includes an amortization schedule showing payment dates and a set of charts. Supports international conventions.
DSGVO für die Schweiz (cloudWEB)
description plugin | | |
Accept Bitcoin instantly via OpenNode (OpenNode)
description plugin | | |
Start accepting Bitcoin instantly through Lightning Network today. Powered by OpenNode
Code Scanner (Magda Sicknick)
description plugin | | |
Scans WordPress plugin, theme, and core directories for malicious code injections.
Bread Crumb matching any Theme's skin (Tawhidur Rahman Dear)
description plugin | | |
Add Bread Crumb in sidebar or footer or in any widgetized area, if your theme doesn't have any breadcrumb
HK Instagram Widget (Herrub Kristin)
description plugin | | |
HK Instagram Widget - Display your InstaGram updates on website sidebar using HK Instagram Widget.
Slug Length Extender (Giannis Economou)
description plugin | | |
Allow long permalinks in your WordPress. Useful especially for using non-latin characters in permalinks. Respects future relevant core updates.
xpressium Image Limit (Jorge Castro)
description plugin | | |
Adds a new setting under Settings -> Media where an admin can set a maximum upload file size for image files.
Donate to Access Content (ContriveItUp)
description plugin | | |
An Unoffcial Give plugin add-on to restrict site\'s content until donation is made.
Active Collab 5 SDK (Raja Dileep Kumar)
description plugin | | |
Connecting to Active Collab Cloud Accounts
Archive Title (WebMan Design, Oliver Juhas)
description plugin | | |
Provides options to control an archive page title.
Printrove Integration for WooCommerce (Printrove)
description plugin | | |
With the Printrove for Woocommerce application, you will be able to push your Woocommerce store orders automatically to Printrove's Merchant Pane …
Guild Network (Hivepoint, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Integrate your website into the Guild network: a paywall that you share with other sites.
Bullhorn Open SourceCareer Portal – WordPress Plugin (charlesabarnes)
description plugin | | |
>A simple, lightweight Wordpress plugin that adds Career Portal to any page in your Wordpress install by adding the following snippet into the cont …
Cherry Real Estate (Template Monster)
description plugin | | |
Create real estate catalog, get announcements through fronted submission form!
Spam to blacklist (Yaroslav Pronin)
description plugin | | |
Adds IP from comment that marked as spam to standard WordPress blacklist.
Unlimited Woocommerce Codes Add on (Ovi García - ovimedia.es)
description plugin | | |
This add on allows include different code types in your WooCommerce pages. It´s an extension of the Unlimited Codes.
Attributio Backup Analytics (Attributio)
description plugin | | |
Detect whether Google Analytics or Tag Manager is being blocked and create a proxy for…
Volleynator Web (Edwin Rolle)
description plugin | | |
A plugin which enables you to display volleyball tables from germany and austria on your wordpress website
WP Admin Page Browser Tab Title (Rajesh Kumawat)
description plugin | | |
This plugin are display current page title in browser tab title in wordpress admin section.
User Quick Tags (Kieran Taylor)
description plugin | | |
Add a simple tag to show dynamic user information on the front-end within the content…
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