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Pz-RecentComments (poporon)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is intended to display a link in a blog card format. The goodbye to the text-only link.
Google Language Translator (Terence Williams)
description plugin | | |
Welcome to Google Language Translator! This plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool anywhere on your website using shortcode.
Bread Crumb matching any Theme's skin (Tawhidur Rahman Dear)
description plugin | | |
Add Bread Crumb in sidebar or footer or in any widgetized area, if your theme doesn't have any breadcrumb
HK Instagram Widget (Herrub Kristin)
description plugin | | |
HK Instagram Widget - Display your InstaGram updates on website sidebar using HK Instagram Widget.
Vietnamese Clean URL (Vietnam Indexing)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will help you have a nice permalink in Post, category or tag's slug if your blog in Vietnamese, This is the best version than ever !
Slug Length Extender (Giannis Economou)
description plugin | | |
Allow long permalinks in your WordPress. Useful especially for using non-latin characters in permalinks. Respects future relevant core updates.
PayTomorrow (Paytomorrow Corp)
description plugin | | |
PayTomorrow enables merchants to utilize Pay Tomorrow to provide financing options to your customers.
AgendaPanda (Vevento)
description plugin | | |
AgendaPanda Wordpress Plugin
Heartland Management Terminal (Heartland Payment Systems)
description plugin | | |
This management terminal exposes limited functionality to manage transactions through your WordPress installation. Current functionality may not be a
Cherry Real Estate (Template Monster)
description plugin | | |
Create real estate catalog, get announcements through fronted submission form!
Release listener for GitHub (Piiu Pilt, Silktide)
description plugin | | |
Listens to a GitHub webhook and creates a new post every time a release is made.
Kalkulačka odchodu do důchodu (Internet Info, s.r.o.)
description plugin | | |
Během chvíle vypočítá věk, ve kterém půjdete do důchodu i konkrétní den.
WTools (Junaid)
description plugin | | |
WTools brings various functions and classes to make developing other plugins faster.
AMB Redirect (Jonathon Klem)
description plugin | | |
Easily redirect to your latest post. Default is "latest-post". Excellent for instagram or other platforms where you want to have 1 link that
Listhine Signup Forms (mporcic)
description plugin | | |
A responsive and intuitive plugin for using your ListShine signup forms on your wordpress website! Share all of your favorite listshine signup forms o
MONEI Payment Gateway for WooCommerce ()
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Plugin for accepting payments through MONEI Payment Gateway.
IP LIMIT (pie001)
description plugin | | |
IP制限プラグイン - View filtering by IP
Smartling ACF localization ()
description plugin | | |
Extend Smartling Connector functionality by adding localization for ACF plugin
Bugyard (Bugyard)
description plugin | | |
This plugins help you quickly deploy bugyard feedback widget in your wordpress website.
C4D WP Popup (Coffee4dev.com)
description plugin | | |
Create carousel slider for product/category
ThemeNcode Register All Post Types (ThemeNcode)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will check database for all the post types and create the ones that are not registered using register_post_type() function.
Good Garage Scheme (Brandified)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to display a Good Garage Scheme widget on your website.
Wigzo - Convert & Retain more customers through Omni Channel Personalisation (Wigzo Pte Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Smart marketing automation and personalization to focus on customer engagement and growth.
weeComments (weeComments)
description plugin | | |
Plugin de weeComments para WooCommerce v2.2 o posterior
Universal Social Reputation (USR)
description plugin | | |

This plugin connect your blog with ACMESocial user's database.

Whenever a user comes to your blog, you will be able to prevent its comments if he or she has been a troll in other blogs and has received bad score.
If this user has got a good reputation, you will be able to act in consequence and maybe you would accept automatically her/his comment!

You shall warn your users that this plugin may collect data from their usage of your blog in order to know better these persons.
This knowledge will prevent trolls from comming!

Pataphysics (Henri Bourcereau)
description plugin | | |
Enable a shortcode which displays dates according to the Pataphysical Calendar
Lestvica SNL (Marko Babič)
description plugin | | |
Automatic update of 3. Slovenian soccer league standings.
Cot Tackle (iam00)
description plugin | | |
Registers custom post types and custom fields for the Cot theme
C4D Woo Condition Bar (Coffee4dev.com)
description plugin | | |
So promotion for customer when they do something.
Tipo de Cambio Costa Rica (Ariel Orozco)
description plugin | | |
Gets the exchange rate from Costa Rica's Central Bank (BCCR).
Team Member (Coffee4dev.com)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin allows you manage your client's testimonial. You can insert your client's testimonial and display it at front-end by slider
Maptags (maptags)
description plugin | | |
Maptags is a wordpress plugin to fill checkout address fields dynamicaly by a maptag.
Loomup (Loomup)
description plugin | | |
Le plugin loomup vous permez de retrouvez vos vidéos loomup, accompagnées chacune d'un shortcode pour pouvoir les intégrer facilement dans vos
Enflyer Auto Subscribe (Michael Cuccaro)
description plugin | | |
Enflyer Auto Subscribe plugin for Wordpress
Advanced Custom Fields: Token Field ()
description plugin | | |
Adds a tokenized text box for saving comma separated values.
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