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Check For High Memory Usage and include result in the Site Health Page.

Author:Bill Minozzi (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:5.2
WordPress version tested:5.9
Plugin version:2.31
Added to WordPress repository:16-06-2019
Last updated:14-01-2022
Rating, %:70
Rated by:8
Plugin URI:http://wpmemory.com
Total downloads:65 450
Active installs:7 000+
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Plugin to Check For High Memory Usage (current memory usage), WordPress Memory Limit and include result in the Site Health Page and Give Suggestions how to improve it. Allows you to increase the Server Php Memory (“Memory Limit”) without editing any file. The plugin can show you also the total server RAM (Random Access Memory), your physical memory installed.

WordPress memory requirements: Never get “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted again”.

Very easy to install and manage. Just go to your plugin page to activate / deactivate.

Go to your Site  Health  Page (Dashboard => Tools => Site Health – Status) and look for Memory Usage 

Go to Dashboard => Tools => WP Memory for dashboard and help page with tips and suggestions.

For Help You with Debug, look also the Info Page  (Dashboard => Tools => Site Health – Info).   Look for Memory Usage 

You need WordPress 5.2 or higher to install this plugin.

You can find the:

More Useful Tools WP Tools free plugin

  • Increase the PHP memory limit
  • Increase the time limit (Can Fix Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress)
  • Increase the max upload file size limit
  • Without editing any WordPress or PHP files
  • Show the PHP errors (error_log)
  • Show the PHPINFO (PHP info)
  • Info about your PHP server configuration
  • Disable WordPress Native Sitemap Automatic Creation
  • Disables the default notification email
  • Automatic core, theme or plugin update.
  • Add Google Search Central (formerly Google Webmasters) HTML TAG
  • Add Google Analytics GA Tracking ID
  • Alert if WordPress Debug is active
  • Hide Admin Bar from non Administrators
  • Show Server Load Average percentage
  • Disable Lazy Load functionality (added in WP version 5.5)
  • Disable Emojis functionality (support for emoji’s in older browsers)
  • Page Load Info: Number of SQL queries per page and page load time.
  • Receive email notifications about warning and notices, usually not sent by WordPress.
  • Record and receive email alerts when PHP notices, warnings and errors happens.
  • rebots.txt editor.
  • Show and check mySQL tables (name, status, size and last update).
  • Bypass WordPress debug (if WP_DEBUG = false) and show errors and warnings on screen (optional).
  • Show Cron Jobs table.
  • Show file .htaccess
  • Show file wp-config.php
  • Show Cookies
  • Restores the previous (“classic”) widgets settings screens and disables the block editor from managing widgets.
  • Disable the WP Admin Bar / Toolbar on the frontend of sites. (it does not affect the dashboard)
  • Button to Show Errors on Admin Bar (Also Javascript errors!)
  • Show File and Folders Permissions
  • Header and Footer Embed Code.
  • Remove JQuery Migrate.
  • Erase readme.html and licence.txt files at root folder.
  • Show disk size, disk used and disk free.
  • Remove WP icon from admin toolbar (top left).
  • Replace WordPress logo at Login Page.
  • Server Benchmark (performance).
  • Show the mySQL (database info) with a lot of info about your mySQL server configuration.
  • Disable javascript console logs for non administrators.
  • Show and check file permissions (included wp-config.php).
  • Show and delete transients.
    Link to download the free plugin WP Tools


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