Tracks link clicks from hrefs in posts and pages. REQUIRES PHP at least 5.2

Author:Eric Lamb (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:2.6
WordPress version tested:3.1.4
Plugin version:0.7.3
Added to WordPress repository:06-01-2009
Last updated:16-04-2011
Warning! This plugin has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.
Rating, %:60
Rated by:2
Plugin URI:http://blog.ericlamb.net/projects/wp-click-tr...
Total downloads:30 454
Active installs:300+
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The click tracker works in 2 modes:
1. Scans posts and rewrites them to include a tracking element
2. Enables users to create stand alone trackable links that can be embedded in posts or offsite.

There is advanced reporting for viewing the click statistics. Reports include:
1. Top Referrers of clicks. Helps to coorelate where the popular links are at 🙂
2. Individual clicks.
3. Clicks by day.
4. Clicks by hour.
5. Graphs and charts per link and globally.
6. Admin dashboard widget.

The click tracker works in 2 modes:
1. Scans posts and rewrites them to include a tracking element
2. Enables users to create stand alone trackable links that can be embedded in posts or offsite.

Links that are included in posts should contain a title paramater in the href to have the reference name
be automatically created. Ex:
<a href="http://url.com" title="Link Title">link copy</a>

Links without a title attribute will have the name parsed through the wrapped text (if that fails default name is used (No Name Given)).

You can also create standalone links using the Link Manager to embed in external websites.

Future Releases
* localization
* export data
* link list sorting
* referrer link list grouping

* There's a conflict with any plugin that uses the onclick method in URLs.


0.7.2 ::
*Bug Fixes *

Fixed Timezone issue
0.7.2 ::
*Bug Fixes *

Fixed data reset
Fixed IIS6 HTTPS issue
0.7.1 ::
*Bug Fixes *

Small bug fixes for JS compatibility and slow and sloppy SQL.

0.7 ::
* Modification *
Improved tracking cookie management.
Added setting to disable the tracking of internal (same URL) links
Changed Configure page to use tab ui
*Bug Fixes *

Fixed ssl (https) => flash issue
Fixed sidebar.css 404 error

Added "nowrap" to table template headers
Fixed Day Pie chart for thousandths

0.6 ::
* Modification *
Added Top Clicks Sidebar Widget
Added Todays Clicks Sidebar Widget
Added Link Search (requires MyISAM table type)
Began localization phase
Improved admin interface and menu
Improved tracking mechanism
*Bug Fixes *
Fixed 'label' in Exclude IP field on configure page
Fixed "self" link tracking/FireFox issue.

Fixed "https" being ignored during sanity check.

0.5.1 ::
* Modification *
Added Miscellaneous Settings (Sarah Mod)
Changed admin widget date range to match WordPress.com Stats widget
*Bug Fixes *
Fixed 'label' in configure page form

0.5 ::
* Modification *
Added settings to disable user clicks
Added ignore IP address for click tracking
Added link statistics reset
Changed graphs to Open Flash Chart
Added additional line chart vectors to display unique clicks
Added link parsing of next and prev template tags
Added link parsing of categories in posts/pages as well as sidebar widget
Added link parsing of tags links template
Improved title extraction to reduce No Name Given auto-label
Added global history and report page * Bug Fixes *

Click graph date descrepancy issue
Added bypass for external links being double tracked when entered in page
Fixed backwards tracking flags
Changed admin widget ordering to list most clicked to least click

0.4.2 ::
* Modification *
Admin widget links to click admin
Added contextual help * Bug Fixes *
Comment parsing in admin removal
Fixed pathing issue for blogs in a sub directory

0.4.1 ::
* Improvements *
Added admin dashboard for x day click count line graph * Bug Fixes *
Fixed Division by zero bug

0.4 ::
* Improvements *
Added configuration page
Added "Add Link" mod. Admins can create standalone links for placement on external sites.
Added "Edit Link" mod for editing names or stored links.
Enable or disable individual parsing sections
Enable or disable individual parsing sections
Moved google api js call to only fire on click track pages (was slowing down some areas of the admin). * Bug Fixes *
fixed spelling of days of week
fixed pathing issue for tracking call (Logan and Gary's Bug)
fixed comment body parsing (wasn't grabbing links)
fixed memory issues (FINALLY 🙂

0.3 ::
* Improvements *
Added Indexes on tables for better performance
Updated Install system
Added pie charts for clicks by day and hour * Bug Fixes *
fixed hour click report formatting
fixed blank link haunting
fixed option saving

0.2.1 ::
* Bug Fixes *
fixed bug for attributes with single quotes
added parsing / tracking of Archive links, Bookmark links, Comment Author URL links and fixed option updates

0.2 ::
* Improvements *
Added reporting
Added blogroll link tracking
Added upgrade alert and plugin compatibility notification

0.1.1 :: * Bug Fixes *
Moved js to to fix tracking issues in some browsers

0.1 :: Release