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The only plugin in WooCommerce that empowers you to build profit-pulling Thank You Pages with…

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Plugin version:2.14.0
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Last updated:12-09-2020
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NextMove is a powerful plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to build custom Thank You pages and prime buyers for more repeat purchases.

It gives you access to a suite of plug & play components such as:

Dynamic coupons, Videos , HTML, Image & text blocks, recommended products, social share and more.

These power-packed components generate customer loyalty and drive more sales from the same traffic without even wrangling with a single line of code.

Demo – Single Column Layout and Two Column Layout

*You can also create Thank you pages using your favorite page builder and embed individual NextMove component short codes.

Take a quick look at what’s possible:

  • Each component of NextMove such as order summary, order total etc. has its own short code. You can copy and paste these short codes on the custom thank you page that you’re creating.

  • Use any of your favourite page builders like Elementor, Thrive, Divi to create a thank you page with Next Move shortcodes and it’ll work perfectly fine.

  • Re-direct buyers to a custom thank you page (either post type ‘page’)

  • The Facebook pixel for purchase event will fire correctly whether you use internal components to build a thank you page or an external page builder


  • Personalized Order Confirmation – Show personalized order confirmation to your buyers. You get access to dynamic merge tags to refer your customers by their first name.

  • Order Details – Show the order details in a beautiful format. Choose layout type, add border, and select colors, font size and more.

  • Customer Details – Present the customer details in a professional way. Show shipping & billing address and more.

  • Location Map – This component makes your Thank you page UI look interactive & appealing. Show the billing address or shipping address on the map for clarity..

  • Simple Text – Leave a custom message for your buyers thanking them for their order. Let them know you appreciate them for choosing you.

  • HTML Editor – Open a world of possibilities with HTML code box. Embed a survey, put up a feedback form or get your buyers to subscribe to your newsletter and more. Execute the short codes and the possibilities become infinite.

You can now show different Thank you pages to different users based on their recent purchase.

In the Lite version, you get access to 4 different rule conditions.

  • Order Item(s) – Show Thank you pages based on the exact item purchased.

  • Order category – Show Thank you pages based on the category the item is purchased from.

  • Order Item Count – Show Thank you pages based on the number of items purchased.

  • Order Item Type- If it’s a grouped, simple or variable product.


  • Personalized & Dynamic Coupons – Nudge your customers to get the items they like by unlocking a time-sensitive coupon code. You can make their first name or last name a code or the expiry date & more a coupon code. They can use it right away or later or even share with a friend. But they won’t miss out on this one!

  • Smart Bribe – Use Smart Bribe to reward your buyers with a discount coupon for promoting your store. Humble requests like ‘Help us spread the word & let your friends discover us. We’ll really appreciate!’ go a long way in increasing your reach. The token discount acts as bait and makes people want to take the time to share.

  • Social Share – Encourage people to share their recent purchase with their friends on social channels. Since they’ve just bought, they trust you and are more likely to agree to your request.

  • Join Us – Encourage your buyers to become your fans and followers on popular social networks. Having social plugins on Thank You pages means building followers on automation. This will help you build a solid social presence and also inform people about your latest offers.

  • Recently Viewed – While browsing your store, shoppers may have come across products they liked but did not buy. Show recently viewed items, to remind them about what they left behind. Pull them in again.

  • Related products – Related products are items related to what your buyers bought. Help them discover products that they are likely to buy based on their choice.

  • Specific Products – You can now add specific products to the list to show to your buyers. These may be the ones you think people will like because they are best sellers or most reviewed. You now have a prime real estate on your Thank you page to show those products and encourage customers to buy more.

I purchased Next Move Pro about a week ago and it’s a fantastic plugin. I was using the standard thank you page for WooCommerce, so I did not have any further opportunities to offer additional options to my customers after they had checked out. Now, using NextMove, I can offer customers further options to purchase, and the dynamic coupons are an excellent idea that I can now offer my customers. You can also personalise the coupons which make a big difference to the customer experience. The support is very good with excellent response time. Highly recommended!

– Steve Reilly

In the pro version of Next Move, you get access to an even wider array of rules. Here’s the list:

  • Order Total – You can now show different Thank You pages to different users based on their order total. Think about this:
    You want to reveal a coupon code of amount, say 5% if the buyer has spent $50 on your store and 10% if they’ve spent $100. Now you can create two separate Thank you pages for these two different buyer sets and use personalized coupon codes.

  • Order Coupons – If your buyers have used coupon during their purchase you may not show them a coupon code again. Next Move allows you to create a dedicated Thank You page without the code for that buyer set.

  • Order Payment Gateway used – If there’s any custom message you’d like to show based on the payment gateway used, you’ve got the option now.

The list goes on …

Customer (Logged in members), Customer User Role, Customer Order Count, Customer Total Spend (all orders summed up), Guest Order Count, Guest Total Spent, Shipping Country, Billing Country.

And also, Day/ Date/ Time – If you have some promotional offers coming up or festive sales starting – give them a heads up. Use this as an opportunity to inform them when their attention is at its max.

The moment I landed on the Next Move page, I was instantly convinced I need this product. I had been searching ‘Custom WooCommerce Thank You pages’ for some time now. But could not find anything that came anywhere close to the functionalities of this product. I was of course aware that people can buy more items from my store once after they’ve bought. Next Move lets me put together custom Thank You pages based on different rules. I can show a specific Thank You page to my first-time buyers. The idea of being able to hand them a coupon code on their way out is genius. It actually brings people back if not right away then pretty soon. They are still a captive audience on the Thank You page and that’s what everyone forgets.

– Stephano

Here’s a full preview of what’s inside Next Move Pro.

Another great product from XL Plugins. This plugin has taken my site to the next level. The customisation options allow you to create a great thank you page and in return increase repeat sales and social media visibility. If you are thinking about buying this plugin then STOP thinking and do it. You wont regret it.

– Brian Kelly

Build Custom WooCommerce Thank You Pages in 4 Simple Steps & a Few Minutes

  • Step #1: Choose From A Wide Array Of Components
    Select the components you’d like to show. Edit them to change font color, size, put up a border, add custom text and more.

  • Step #2: Arrange Components With An Easy Drag & Drop
    Choose the layout (single or two-column) for your Thank You Page. And arrange the components with simple drag and drop. It’s never been easier.

  • Step #3: Create Rules To Customize Your Thank You Pages
    Show different Thank you pages to different users based on their purchased items, order value, first order & more. You’ll be amazed by its power!

  • Step 4. Hit Preview & There You Go!
    Once you hit preview, it’ll automatically save the changes. See the preview of your new Thank you page. You’re on a roll!


You wake up to this message: ‘You got a new sale!’

Brimming with excitement, you rub your eyes. Minutes later, there’s another order from the same person. Turns out she used a coupon code on the Thank You Page to buy more.
She has already shared your products on social. And the day has only just begun!

Next Move will help you ring in more sales and generate repeat orders on autopilot.


It’s for store owners who:

  • Understand the effort it takes to bring visitors to site. They pay for leads, run ads, go above and beyond to spread the word. They want to maximize the returns on this expenditure and effort.

  • Are committed to their growth and want to optimize their complete funnel end to end. And not leave a single opportunity to seize a sale or promote their store.

  • Understand the importance of creating a personal connect with buyers. They appreciate the importance of increasing people’s time spent on thank you pages for greater ROI.

  • Want to completely transform the checkout experience of their buyers and help them discover more products they may like.

In a nutshell, it’s for store owners who want to seize every opportunity to get repeat orders on autopilot.


  • Road #1: Continue showing the same thank you pages to your buyers. Your current WooCommerce thank you pages are nothing more than order receipts. They confirm the order and ask people to move on. They are dead-ends.

  • Road #2: Create profit-pulling Thank you pages to seize more sales. Spend a little time doing proper targeting for different buyer segments and there you go! Let your new Thank You pages inspire your customers to take their next move.

Which one would you prefer?


Aero Checkout and UpStroke one click upsell are built by BuildWooFunnels- an XLPlugins venture.

We’ve coded the compatibility such that:

If you’ve created a product-specific checkout page to sell, say product A then you can direct them to a thank you page for the product A.

So on that thank you page you can give special instructions pertaining to that product.


Next Move is backed and supported by a strong team of developers, support engineers and marketers from XLPlugins.

The team is constantly updating the plugin and ensuring its compatibility with the latest WooCommerce versions.

We believe trust comes before transactions. Hence all the plugins we create help our customers build trust with their buyers and then win over their wallets.