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This WooCommerce plugin allow users to easily and seamlessly bundle(choose) their choice while buying based on recommendations set by admin by use of …

Author:emptyopssphere (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:3.5
WordPress version tested:5.5.1
Plugin version:1.0.5
Added to WordPress repository:23-01-2019
Last updated:23-09-2020
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Rated by:5
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Woo Choice Plugin helps you to create exciting functionalities and experience on your website. Add features to your site that can attract users and drive sales. Try something more than just conventional product bundling.

In this plugin we provide the following features, at the time of installation you can select the features you want and the plugin will enable only that feature:

  1. Ring Builder (for WooCommerce Jewellery sites)
  2. Pair Maker (for Clothing sites)
  3. Bonus Features
    1.1 Options UI for Item Page(Swatches)
    1.1 Specifications View for Item Page
    1.1 Shortcode Filters for Home
    1.1 Filters for Shop/Category Page (e.g. Independent Diamond Page)
    1.1 Price Control(Beta)

(You can read more about each features in the section below named “UNDERSTANDING FEATURES”, as well as look at the demo section below for demos on features listed above)

With this major update many things changed in UI experience and we hope it will help our users, please be noted that we are working on a documentation update that comply with this update and it will be available very soon. Our apologies to keep you waiting for the updated documentation.

For Jewellery/Diamond Websites

Diamond API integration extension helps you to integrate Rapnet API into your WordPress/WooCommerce site. We support many other popular diamond APIs in this same extension, click here for more details or read more about it below in the extensions section.
Browse the complete list of features here for the jewellery/diamond category.

For any Inventory

It does not matter to which category your website belongs to if you are selling anything that you think can be sold in a pair/bundle then this plugin is absolutely for you. Our philosophy is to provide technology that enables users to make bundles of their choice that is why the name product bundle (of) choice and this becomes truly exciting for users when they have a preset recommendation set by website admins.

We provide both the features in a single plugin, the ring builder feature will be useful for you if you have a WordPress jewelry/diamond website. It is also useful to create efficient diamond filters for real diamonds as well as lab-grown or CVD diamonds and the pair maker feature will be useful for you if you have anything that you think can be sold in a pair like fashion, apparel, household items – anything, etc.

In short, Woo Choice Plugin – also known as WBC — supports every kind of inventory where it is possible to create pair or bundles based on users’ choices/needs and the use cases are immense from fashion to help the user assembling fashion accessories to assembling gift boxes, helping the user choose right pair of home decor items to cosmetics, automobile accessories to pharmaceuticals and the list may go on.



This ring builder feature developed with the objectives to fill the gap of lack of such plugin on wordpress.org. While developing the ring builder feature we have kept in mind all the complexity and challenges that website admins go through like setting up the module which is a tiresome task if the backend operations are not developed keeping in mind the ease of use. The other challenge any website/admin face is the efficiency given that the complexity of jewelry inventory it is a bit challenging to achieve both efficiency and ease of use at both backend and frontend sides. We are happy to say that we have solved this problem very well and excited to avail this plugin to the WooCommerce community. Needless to say, you can have earings/necklace builders as well together with the ring builder. This is only a part of our offering for jewelry website besides ring builder you can benefit from bulk price update(read in detail below), built-in variable products which make it easier to create jewelry website with only a few clicks yeah believe us as long as you have WordPress installed and them setup all you need is installing this plugin and you will have your jewelry store setup which was not possible so far this easily. Still, this is not it in addition to that we have nice views and setups if you want to sell real diamonds or CVD diamond/lab-grown diamond. See a Demo


For example, assume you are selling clothes online then the customer after selecting top-wear is guided for the bottom wear automatically. So if by chance, the user is confused then the plugin guides by mixing and matching different alternatives from the stock and thus pair of clothing are created for the customer. This is the only plugin on wordpress.org as of writing this providing pair maker feature for the clothing industry. See a Demo


We offer fully customizable options with a industry standard experience. Here, fully customization means when the user selects any particular jewelry item then he gets a ton of customization options available in front of him/her like how many carats of gold would they prefer? What exact color of jewelry do they want? and the list goes on…


It is obvious that any e-commerce website has many products. And the vendors like to keep equal profit margins on all products – say 20%. So you can update all the product’s price at once and this plugin allows you to set the margin percentage as per your wish. This is not all, say you want to update prices for some large/small groups of products say products that belong to some categories or attributes this plugin will enable you to do just that. This feature is best for jewelry website owners as the price of gold keeps on fluctuating, they can update unnumerable jewelry item prices at once.

Go Further with Extensions:

With different add-ons from our collection of extensions, you can make your store look more professional and easy to use for the website vistors.

WooCommerce Table View

You can show products in a tabular view for its easy navigation. It is built for the users’ comfort, much needed for a perfect diamond inventory experience. This extension is useful to create the tabular view that you can see in the demo below filters.
Note: However, please note that filters are completely free and available in this plugin.

WooCommerce Product Bundle in E-mail

Order emails sent to customers from your shop will be customized based on what users have built, which helps in providing users with a complete experience.

Rapnet Integration Extension

Entire list of APIs we support

  1. Rapnet Instant Inventory API
  2. Glow star Diamond API
  3. Under development, you can pre-order!
    • IDEX (International Diamond Exchange Api)
    • MID House of Diamonds Api
    • POLYGON Vertual Inventory Api
    • GEMFIND Diamond Link Api
    • VDB (Virtual Diamond Boutique Api)
    • JewelCloud Api
  4. You can also send us Request to have us support missing API

Rapnet Instant Inventory Integration Extension is for Diamond/Jewelry websites. Instantly pull the diamonds’ feed into your store and ready to go for selling.
Rapnet integration requires rapnet instant inventory account however as an alternative we are providing other API integrations as well please visit above link to know more about it.

Multi Category/Multi Step navigation Extension

This extension will let you use more than two main categories and more than two-step based navigation experience for any inventory.

AI powered suggestion for clothig pair maker

We are building a machine-learning powered suggestion tool for clothing pair makers. If you allow access to your data(images) for research, we offer you free access to our extension when it’s ready. Note that it’s not ready yet, and we provide no guarantee it will be ready as it’s in the research stage.
Please kindly note that free access to extension is subject to the approval of your data, we can not provide free access if data is not useful to the extension.

These are only some of many extensions. You can see enitre list of Extensions on our website created by the team of Sphere Plugins.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Lightning ready.
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce theme.
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce plugins.”


  • Custom Product Bundle is possible by the user itself which is essential for user satisfaction.
  • Enables skilled production which leads to good results.
  • Mix and Match Products for clothing is more creative than ever with Pair Maker.
  • Making life easier for diamond sites by striving to support all of the diamond APIs
  • For jewellery websites it is like they got the complete package with Ring Builder, Price Control and Built-in customizations(pre-set variable products


  • Product Bundling with users choice.
  • Plugin widget can be placed anywhere using a shortcode.
  • Ring Builder Plugin for Jewelry sites in WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Pair Maker Plugin for Clothing sites in WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Guidance Tool for Home decor and many other inventories’ sites in WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Price Control highly useful for Jewelry and many other inventories
  • Built-in customizations(pre-set variable products) useful for Jewelry sites
  • Nice UI Controls and many more which is a must-have for diamond sites among others

Quick setup tutorial

[ How it works ]
[ Basic Configurations ]
[ Appearance ]
[ Filters ]
[ Mapping ]

Using Shortcode

Use Cases

To simply put, it does not matter which category your website belongs to if you think you have the products that the user would like to buy in a pair and you can suggest matching recommendations that can make a difference then you should use our plugin.

If you are interested in our plugin, click here to read more.

Compatibility with other plugins/Officially tested plugins

We have tested WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice with WordPress 3.5 to 5.5 and WooCommerce 2.0 to 4.2.0 and our plugin is technically compatible with all the other plugins.

Live Demo

Now that you know how this plugin works, is there any reason to not use it? Do you want to see the live demo?

Below you can check demos for different inventories:

  1. Demo with Jewelry & Diamonds
  2. Demo with Clothing


  • WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice full documentation is available here.


If you have suggestions about how to improve WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice, you can write to us, so we can enhance our WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice plugin.