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Lazy smart shortcodes for displaying often included key-information and other WordPress content. Over 70 shortcodes to use anywhere on your website.

Author:bobbingwide (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:5.0.3
WordPress version tested:5.5.1
Plugin version:4.1.0
Added to WordPress repository:05-02-2011
Last updated:29-04-2020
Rating, %:74
Rated by:3
Plugin URI:https://www.oik-plugins.com/oik-plugins/oik
Total downloads:167 157
Active installs:6 000+
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The oik base plugin provides a series of advanced WordPress shortcodes that help you display dynamic content from your website’s pages, posts, attachments, links and custom post types.
The OIK Information Kit uses lazy smart shortcode technology to display your WordPress website’s content including your often included key-information.
The functionality in the oik base plugin is used by over 40 other WordPress plugins, providing powerful facilities for an efficient, performant website.

oik now provides over 80 shortcodes including:

  • [bw_pages], [bw_posts], [bw_thumbs], [bw_attachments], [bw_images], [bw_pdf] shortcodes to list subpages, posts, attachments or custom post types
  • [bw_cycle] to display content using jQuery cycle.
  • [bw_list], [bw_tree] to display lists of links to pages, posts, attachments or custom post types
  • [bw_table] to tabulate pages, posts or custom post types
  • [bw_bookmarks] to list links
  • [paypal] shortcodes for PayPal buttons: Pay Now, Buy Now, Donate, Add to Cart, View Cart/Checkout
  • [bw_block] & [bw_eblock], [div] & [ediv], [clear] – to create block structures within your pages, posts and even widgets
  • [bw_button], [bw_contact_button] – to provide call-to-action button style links for Artisteer themes
  • helper shortcodes for web designers and developers: [bw_editcss], [bwtrace], [bw_wpadmin], [bw_wtf], [stag] & [etag]

oik helps you to display information about you, your company, your social networking ids and your website using standard formats that search engines such as Google recognise.

  • You enter your information once, then use oik shortcodes to display it wherever you want; in titles, post and page content, header, sidebar and footer widgets.
  • Whenever you need to change a value you only need to update it in one place; and your website is updated instantly.
  • Shortcodes to display often included key information include: [bw_contact], [bw_telephone], [bw_mobile], [bw_mailto], [bw_company], [bw_address], [bw_show_googlemap], [bw_directions], [bw_logo], [bw_qrcode], [bw_copyright]
  • For your social networking use the [bw_follow_me] shortcode to display your links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etcetera

New in v4.0.0:

Six blocks for the Gutenberg block editor.

  • Address – displays your address from oik options
  • Contact form – displays a Contact form
  • Countdown – Countdown timers
  • Follow me – displays social media links
  • Google Maps – Displays a Google Maps map using oik options
  • Shortcode block for oik-shortcodes – Expands oik shortcodes

These blocks build on existing functionality. They can be a lot easier to use than the original shortcodes.


  • oik provides buttons to help you write the shortcodes, showing you the parameters you can choose and default values
  • oik provides a shortcode discovery page where you can find out about every shortcode which is active in your site
  • lazy programming means that code is only loaded when it’s actually needed
  • smart means that the shortcodes can recognise the content in which they’re used and adjust their behaviour accordingly
  • oik is extendable – plugin developers can build on the oik base functionality
  • using the oik API: help, syntax information, examples AND HTML snippets can be produced for any plugin or theme that provides shortcodes
  • oik is theme independent; meaning that you can change your theme without having to worry about whether or not the shortcodes will still work.
  • oik uses microformats so that Google and other search engines can understand your content.

Further reading

If you want to read more about the oik plugins then please visit the
oik plugin
“the oik plugin – for often included key-information”

Other plugins

Other plugins which depend upon the oik API are available on WordPress.org:

  • bbboing – obfuscate text but leave it readable
  • cookie-cat – [cookies] shortcode to list the cookies your website may use
  • oik-batchmove – batch change post categories or published date
  • oik-nivo-slider – [nivo] shortcode for the jQuery “Nivo slider” for posts, pages, attachments and custom post types
  • oik-privacy-policy – generate a privacy policy page, compliant with UK cookie law (EU cookie directive)
  • oik-read-more – progressively reveal content by clicking on “read more” buttons

Plugins which participate with oik shared libraries are:

  • oik-bwtrace – Debug trace for WordPress, including action and filter tracing
  • oik-css – [bw_css] for CSS styling per page
  • uk-tides – [bw_tides] shortcode for tide times and heights in the UK (replaces oik-tides)

These plugins are not dependent upon oik:

More FREE and Premium plugins are available from oik-plugins.com including:

Removal of child plugins (version 2.0)

Up to and including version 1.17 the oik plugin included a number of optional modules which could be activated as and when you needed them.

In oik version 1.17, any activated module automatically relocated itself to become a separately maintainable plugin.
Each individual plugin is supported from an oik-plugins server.
The version number of child plugins delivered with oik v1.17 was v1.18.

In version 2.0 the child plugins were removed from the oik base package.

Plugins that were relocated and served from the oik-plugins servers were:

  • oik-bbpress – to strip tags from bbPress forum title tooltips
  • oik-bob-bing-wide – to provide more lazy smart shortcodes: [bw_plug], bob/fob bing/bong wide/hide wow, oik and loik, wp, wpms, bp, artisteer, drupal
  • oik-bp-signup-email – to intercept BuddyPress registration emails
  • oik-bwtrace – provides an advanced WordPress trace debug function, which logs trace information to a file, rather than including it within the web page output
  • oik-email-signature – to help generate an email signature file for all your email messages
  • oik-fields – custom post type field APIs
  • oik-header – for custom page header image selection for pages, posts and custom post types
  • oik-sc-help – shortcode help shortcodes: provides [bw_code] and [bw_codes] shortcodes
  • oik-sidebar – gives you the ability to use Widget Wrangler with Artisteer v3 themes

Note: For some of these plugins the oik base plugin still provides a certain amount of code.

oik plugins are suitable for:

  • WordPress site owners
  • WordPress site administrators
  • WordPress designers
  • WordPress web site developers
  • WordPress plugin developers

oik plugins are tested with:

  • WordPress
  • WordPress Multisite
  • PHP 7.3 and 7.4
  • PHPUnit 8

All of the plugins are developed using a set of functions that can make PHP and HTML coding a bit easier.
These are known as the OIK Application Programming Interface (OIK API)