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Login page styler helps you customize your wordpress login page easily with few clicks and can change the entire look of your login page .

Features of Login Page Styler
On/Off switch
Hide logo
Change logo
Logo width height
Hide error msg
Hide navigation links
Change label size
Change label color
Change remember me size
Change login button color
Change login button text color
Change login button border radius
Change login button border color
Change login form border radius
Change logo tittile
Change logo link
Login input field border color
Login input field border radius
Login form opacity
Form position
Login form border radius
Links color
Custom css field

and more…

Author:Zia Imtiaz (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:4.0
WordPress version tested:5.8.1
Plugin version:5.3.5
Added to WordPress repository:25-02-2015
Last updated:25-09-2021
Rating, %:86
Rated by:159
Plugin URI:http://web-settler.com/login-page-styler/
Total downloads:196 655
Active installs:6 000+
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Custom Login Customizer – Login page styler give’s your admin login , login , registration and password recovery page new customized look in few minutes zero coding skill required.More Features then any other custom login plugin , Full control over login page styling and very easy to use ..
Create unique login design or admin login design with custom login plugin ,Almost every element on login page is customozieable with custom login page styler plugin.Make beautiful and eye catching login styles in few Minutes .

Custom Login Customizer – Login Page Styler plugin is well tested,
if you find a bug please open a ticket in the support request.
Every issue will be fixed asap!

If you forgotten and need it: your standard WordPress login is “your_domain/wp-admin/” or “your_domain/wp-login.php”.

Custom Login Customizer General Settings
You can hide/show custom login logo , you can hide/show login error messages , you can hide/show navigation links: lost paswword /register.

Custom Login Customizer Login Logo Settings
This settings area of Login Customizer – Login Page Styler plugin helps you add your own logo instead of WordPress logo on login page . You can also change the width and height of the login logo from 80 X 80 px to custom width and height.
If you don’t want to show your own logo or WordPress logo on login pagae you have the ability to do so by just hinding the login logo.You can also add custom link to logo .

Custom Login Customizer Login Background settings
This settings area of Utimate Login plugin gives you ability to add a background image to the grey backgroud of login page giving users a attractive look .You can also change the background color of the login page if you don’t want to add a background image

Custom Login Customizer Login Form settings
This settings area of Ultimate login plugin give’s you full controll to customize the details of login form you can change form color , add login form background image , chang form border (size,color,style), change input field border(size,color,style) , login form label color and size and login form color with opacity , login form position can also be change to left righy top bottom.

Custom Login Customizer Google Fonts
This settings area of Ultimate login plugin helps add google fonts for login label , login error mesage , input field , remeber me , login button and navigation links. Chose your favourite font from hundreds of google fonts and match your login page with your site’s theme.

Custom Login Customizer Login Button Settings
This settings area of Ultimate login plugin helps changing login button color and login button hover color and can also change the border radius border color.

Custom Login Customizer Navigation Links
This settings area of Ultimate login plugin helps change the navigatio links color and size , you can chose color from wordpress color picker .

Custom Login Customizer Google reCaptcha
Google reCAPTCHA is built for security. Armed with state of the art technology, it always stays at the forefront of spam and abuse fighting trends. reCAPTCHA is on guard for you, so you can rest easy
To increase security of your login page you can add google reCaptcha to your login form . It helps fight against bots and spammers to login to your site . To use Google ReCaptcha on registration and password recovery page you have to upgrade to pro version of the plugin.

Custom Login Customizer Limit Login Attempts
Brute force attackcmay be used by criminals to crack encrypted data , or by security analysts to test an organization’s network security. If you adopt the use of this plugin, it will limit the number of times a user can attemt to log into your account.
Limit Login Attempts for login protection, protect site from brute force attacks.Brute Force Attack aims at being the simplest kind of method to gain access to a site: it tries usernames and passwords, over and over again, until it gets in. Limit Login Attempt & Login Page Styler Login plugin limit rate of login attempts and block IP temporarily.

Say goodbye to boring, simple, plain WordPress login page and create one with you our own logo, your own branding, colors, background and so much more . Login Page Styler is different by design because it is focused on efficiency, usability and reliability. It is created in a way that molds simplicity and functionality into a powerful yet usable login customizer. Login Page Styler make you stand out with half the effort.
Brand your login page with your branding , More features then any other custom login plugin.

  1. Custom login templates
  2. Custom login Google fonts
  3. Unlimited custom login form colors.
  4. Unlimited custom login background colors.
  5. Unlimited custom login form styling.
  6. Border styling.
  7. Custom Login label colors.
  8. Custom Login button color.
  9. Full custom login page styling.
  10. Custom login logo.
  11. Add background image to login.
  12. Login links color.
  13. Form field styling.

    and so much more …

Custom Login Customizer Powerful And Easy Setting Panel:
Custom login – login page styler’s Setting Panel is very simple and user friendly. There you are able to design your login page without any hesitation.

Custom Login Customizer Responsive Design:
Custom login – login page styler design is totally mobile compatible.

Custom Login Customizer Unlimited Colour Scheme:
Custom login – login page styler gives you ability update plugin design with unlimited colours. Colour option is available for login form , login background , login form input field , login button , border etc.

Custom Login Customizer CSS Support :
Plugin fully supports custom login CSS ability for styling. If you want to make it look perfect, add your custom codes and change the styles of almost every detail.

Custom Login Customizer Style and Design Options :
Professional version of the plugin provides more than 45 options for design available in the Design section of the plugin, which will help to match the style of your website making it look better and be more professional to its visitors.

Custom Login reCaptcha :
The security keys from Google which will protects the website from harming programs and robots. The feature to add a reCaptcha and is well known by many site owners.

For additional information about sending or receiving of data about custom login – login page styler , please, read the questions and answers on FAQ page. Premium version
Supports full features.

Custom Login plugin is also compatible with any plugin that hooks in the login form, including

  1. BuddyPress,
  2. bbPress,
  3. Limit Login Attempts,
  4. Captcha plugins.

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customization , You are in right place


  1. Plugin on/off.
  2. Add your own custom logo on login or admin login page with custom login.
  3. Change logo title with custom login.
  4. Hide login logo with custom login .
  5. Hide login error message with custom login .
  6. Hide login lost password link with custom login.
  7. Hide login back to blog link with custom login .
  8. Custom login logo width.
  9. Custom login logo height.
  10. Custom login logo link .
  11. Custom login form position.
  12. Change login form label font size.
  13. Change login form label color.
  14. Change login form label font style.
  15. Custom Login Logo upload button.
  16. Custom Login body background image upload button.
  17. Custom Login form background color.
  18. Custom login label fonts.
  19. Customize login form border width.
  20. Add custom login form border color , border style.
  21. Add custom login form textbox border size color style radius.
  22. Change login form button color , border size, border color.
  23. Change login form button border radius , border style.
  24. Change button hover border size border color, border style.
  25. Add navigation links color , navigation links hover color , links size with custom login.
  26. And so many more coming soon.