GazChap's WooCommerce Postcode Lookup

Adds a postcode lookup tool into WooCommerce's billing and shipping address areas on the Checkout. The postcode lookup tool uses https://getaddre …

Author:Gareth 'GazChap' Griffiths (profile at
WordPress version required:4.8.0
WordPress version tested:5.7.2
Plugin version:2.0.4
Added to WordPress repository:24-02-2019
Last updated:15-07-2021
Rating, %:100
Rated by:8
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Total downloads:2 045
Active installs:300+
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This plugin enables your customers to complete their billing/shipping address by entering their postcode and selecting their address from the options given.

It utilises ( to do the lookup using their Royal Mail Postcode Address File.

An API key is required for the integration to work, and the integration only appears when the customer has selected United Kingdom (or, more specifically, the ISO-3166-2 code “GB”) for their country.

It can optionally be turned off for the shipping or billing addresses, and it can be configured to send an email notification to a nominated address if the API key hits its usage limit.

Testing offers several test postcodes that can be entered to test that it is working without impacting on your usage limits. These are:

XX2 00X - Returns a 'successful' response 200. Your request was successful.
XX4 04X - Returns 'not found' error 404. No addresses could be found for this postcode.
XX4 00X - Returns 'bad request' error 400. Your postcode is not valid.
XX4 01X - Returns 'forbidden' error 401. Your api-key is not valid.
XX4 29X - Returns 'too many requests' error 429. You have made more requests than your allowed limit.
XX5 00X - Returns 'server error' error 500. Server error, you should never see this.

See the documentation ( for more details.


WordPress. Tested up to version 5.7.
WooCommerce. Tested with versions up to 5.4.0, minimum version is likely 3.0.0. API Key. A number of pricing plans are available.


Once installed and activated, you need to go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General page in the WordPress dashboard. You can enter your API key and set your other options here.

Filter Reference

For developers, I’ve included a few filters that you can use to customise certain aspects of the plugin. These are:

User Interface

All of these filters take one argument, $text.

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_find-address-button-text - the text shown on the Find Address buttons (default: Find Address)
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_find-address-searching-text - the text shown when the Find Address button is selected (default: Searching...)
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_enter-address-manually-text - the text shown for the "Enter an address manually" link (default: Enter an address manually)

Note: Although these two texts are translateable, filters will override any translations.

Error Messages

All of these filters take one argument, $message, the error message that will be displayed to the user.

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_400 - shown when the postcode supplied is invalid/empty
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_401 - shown when the API key provided in the settings is invalid
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_404 - shown when no addresses were found for the supplied postcode
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_429 - shown when the API key has hit its usage limit
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_api_error_500 - shown when there is a server error at

Note: By default, the error messages are “customer friendly”, i.e. they don’t go into much detail about the cause of the error!


gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_billing_selector_row_class - changes the CSS class on the form-row that the billing address selector is placed into
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_shipping_selector_row_class - changes the CSS class on the form-row that the shipping address selector is placed into
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_clear_additional_fields - defaults to true, set to '__return_false' to stop the "additional fields" area of the checkout having a clear style applied to it

Over Usage Email Notification

gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_recipient - change the recipient passed to wp_mail()
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_subject - change the subject line passed to wp_mail() for the over-usage email
gazchaps-woocommerce-getaddress-io_overusage_email_message - change the message body passed to wp_mail() for the over-usage email<h3>License</h3>Licensed under the [GNU General Public License v2.0](