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Create and display a (html)table from one or more csv files that exists on the server in the upload-folder of wordpress.

Author:Wibergs Web (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:3.0.1
WordPress version tested:5.8
Plugin version:1.2.58
Added to WordPress repository:16-04-2016
Last updated:13-11-2021
Rating, %:100
Rated by:11
Plugin URI:http://www.wibergsweb.se/plugins/csvtohtml
Total downloads:8 846
Active installs:300+
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CSV to html makes it easy to fetch content from csv-file(s) and put content from that file/those files and display the html(table) on a page with a single shortcode. The strength
of this plugin is that it does fetch the actual content directly from the file(s) without having to import/export any file(s). So any changes in the file(s) will be
updated when you view your table(s) with this plugin. Another strength from v1.60 is it has responsive table(s) out of the box in the free version of this plugin.

If you created files to use with the Visualizer Plugin, those are formatted in a specific way and if you have saved the csv-file(s) from excel, the csv looks
different. CSV to html handles both these types and it’s fairly easy to extend the plugin to use other mechanisms to identify a specific type of format of the csv-file(s).

If using more then one file, content from all files are mixed into one single table – rather then creating two tables. It’s possible to fetch information from csv files from webservers upload folder (or a subfolder to the uploadsfolder) or
from an external source (domain).

Look at instructions and example here: http://wibergsweb.se/plugins/csvtohtml/
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Example of usage

shortcodes in post(s)/page(s)

  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”visualizer_plugin” path=”lan” source_files=”skane.csv;smaland.csv;lappland.csv”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1.csv;excel2.csv”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”*.csv”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1;excel2″ debug_mode=”yes”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1.csv;excel2.csv” debug_mode=”yes” fetch_lastheaders=”3″]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1;excel2;http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” debug_mode=”yes”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1;excel2;http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” include_cols=”5,6,7,12-14″ eol_detection=”auto” debug_mode=”yes”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1;excel2;http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” exclude_cols=”3″ debug_mode=”yes” eol_detection=”CR/LF”]
  • [csvtohtml_create html_class=”tablesorter” source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”excel1;excel2;http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” exclude_cols=”3,7,9,11-13″]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” path=”excelfolder” source_files=”whatever.csv” csv_delimiter=”;”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” source_files=”http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” debug_mode=”no” convert_encoding_from=”Windows-1252″ convert_encoding_to=”UTF-8″]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” source_files=”http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” debug_mode=”no” convert_encoding_to=”UTF-8″]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” source_files=”http://wibergsweb.se/map/sweden.csv” debug_mode=”no” sort_cols=”1,2″ sort_cols_order=”desc,asc”]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” source_files=”zins.csv” csv_delimiter=”,” eol_detection=”auto” debug_mode=”no” filter_data=”1.67″ filter_col=”2″]
  • [csvtohtml_create source_type=”guess” source_files=”zins.csv” csv_delimiter=”,” eol_detection=”auto” debug_mode=”no” table_in_cell_cols=”2-3″ include_cols=”1″ table_in_cell_wrapperclass=”Productinfo”]

Example css

  • .csvtohtml th.colset-1 {background:#ff0000 !important;}
  • .csvtohtml .even{background:#ddd;}

Look at instructions and example here: http://wibergsweb.se/plugins/csvtohtml/
If you like the plugin, please consider donating.