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WooCommerce Product feed to Google, Amazon, Ebay & other merchants.

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Generating your WooCommerce Product Feed was never this easy!

Any marketplace you want to list your products on, you can generate an accurate product feed with your WooCommerce products in just a few clicks.

Use pre-defined merchant templates to generate flawless feed for over 180+ merchants, including Google Shopping feed, Facebook Catalog feed, Yandex Market (YML), eBay, Instagram, PriceRunner, Rakuten, Vivino, BestPrice, Skroutz & many more (full list).

Create your preferred feed in seconds with 3 simple steps:

(1) Select Merchant >> (2) Configure Product Data >> (3) Generate Feed Easily

— That’s it. Your feed is ready and you can start selling in your desired marketplace.

Use features such as category mapping, custom fields, product filters, Google Auto-sync, and many more to generate optimized feed for greater results.

Best Plugin To Generate WooCommerce Google Product Feed

Currently, this plugin is considered the easiest and the most effective plugin to generate WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed.

You will get everything you need that is required by Google merchant feed (Google Shopping Feed) including:

  • Custom Fields for Unique Identifiers
  • Advanced Category Mapping
  • Variable Product Support
  • Accurate Structured Data Format
  • Auto-sync With Google Merchant Center Feed

And many more.

Most of the features are pre-configured so that you can generate a feed with the least effort possible, and start promoting on Google Shopping immediately.

Why Use Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce?

With an easy user interface, you can get exclusive features:

Auto-sync with Google Shopping
You can auto-sync your store products with Google Merchant Shop (Google Shopping). You can set it up so that your generated product feed will automatically be updated and sent to your Google Merchant Shop as per your schedule. You do not need to download and upload the feed for Google Shopping Center manually.

Category Mapping
Google requires you to set your products under their fixed Category Lists. But changing your own store’s categories is not necessary. You can use the category mapping feature to map your store categories according to Google’s. So your store’s categories will still be the same while your products will be placed under the relevant Google category on the product feed. You can use it to map categories for other sites as well (i.e., it is not limited to Google).

Not only does it supports 1-to-1 category mapping but you can also map subsets of products on a merchant-category based on product names.

Extensive Filter Options
You can use the smooth filter options to include or exclude the required products of your store to the product feed. You can filter by categories, tags, or apply custom filters using other attributes.

Schedule Auto Update Of the Product Feed
Any changes you make to product data, you can set a schedule for your product feed to be updated automatically. You do not need to manually update the product feed every time you make changes to your products.

Advanced Custom Fields
WooCommerce doesn’t provide certain fields such as Brand, GTIN, UPC, Age-group, Gender, etc. Many merchant shops require these data. Hence, Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce creates these custom fields for you so that you can generate accurate product feed without any extra coding or plugins.

You will have many more features to help you generate product feed at ease.

You should use this plugin because it will save you time and create clean quality product feed to promote through other merchant shopping channels.

Google Analytics Support
You can add and configure Google Analytics UTM tracking-codes to your product URLs. It will allow you to measure the effectiveness of marketing channels in Google Analytics.

Track Products With Facebook Pixel
You can now add Facebook pixel code to your store and track the performance for every product you upload on Facebook dynamic shop using this plugin.

With Facebook Pixel, you can track:
– Simple product pages
– Variable product and variations pages
– Category pages
– Search result pages
– Cart page
– Add to cart button
– Thank you page

You will get a reliable support team to help you out at all times and detailed documentation and video tutorials.



As you already know, Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is best known for generating Google Shopping feed.

However, there’s more. You can also generate product feed in the right format for most other Google Destinations as well.

The plugin comes with feed generation templates for almost all destinations that you will find on Surfaces Across Google to promote your WooCommerce products.

– Google Shopping feed
– Google Custom Search Ads feed
– Google AdWords feed
– Google Local Products feed
– Google Local Products Inventory feed
– Google Merchant Promotion Feed
– Google Dynamic Search Ads feed
– Google Shopping Actions feed
– Google Manufacturer Center feed
– Google Local Inventory Ads feed
– Google Remarketing (DRM) feed
– Google Review feed

So, you can literally use just one single plugin to generate feed for all Google Shopping services and start making the most out of Google’s services to increase sales.

Facebook Catalog & Instagram Shopping Feed

Facebook Dynamic Ads or Facebook Shop is currently among the top priorities for any online shop to promote and sell products, simply due to the targetted audience that Facebook can bring in.

With Product Feed Manager, you will get a pre-built merchant template for Facebook Catalog that will come with all the required attributes to successfully generate a WooCommerce Facebook Feed.

All you need to do is simply select Facebook Catalog from the merchant list, check and assign the values to the product attributes, and publish the feed. It’s as simple as that.

Just like Facebook, Instagram marketing is another big medium you can rely on when trying to increase your online sales.

This plugin will let you generate an Instagram Shopping Feed accurately, real quick.

Bing Shopping feed

Next to Google, Bing is probably a prime SERP that people prefer. And recently, the Bing Shopping marketplace is on the rise.

With PFM, you will be able to generate Microsoft Advertising Feed, Bing Shopping Feed, and Bing Image Feed, which are all great Bing feed services you can leverage to increase WooCommerce sales.

Bing Image Feed is a new trend that WooCommerce shop owners are embracing to increase their sales.

The pre-built feed templates in the plugin ensure you can list your products as Bing Ads real quick.

Pinterest Product Feed & Snapchat Feed

Pinterest and Snapchat are two large social platforms and their dynamic advertisement options made them prime marketplaces to promote WooCommerce products on.

You can easily generate Pinterest Product Feed (XML, CSV or TSV) and Snapchat Ads feed in the right format using Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce.

Yandex YML Feed (Yandex Market)

One of the latest marketplaces that the plugin supports is the Yandex market.

You can easily generate a Yandex feed using PFM to upload your WooCommerce products on the Yandex Market.

Along with the Yandex YML feed, you will also be able to generate feed for

– Yandex Turbo-pages (Yandex Turbo)
– Yandex Delivery

The Yandex Market Language (YML) format is a complex feed format that is difficult to create manually. PFM ensures you will be able to get the Yandex Market feed in the accurate YML format without any complex manual effort.

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is one of the few plugins that provide the YML format, hence you can easily rely on it to sell WooCommerce products on the Yandex Market.

Skroutz (

Skroutz is one of the popular marketplaces in Greece. And with Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce, you can easily generate a Skroutz XML feed to list your products to this vast marketplace.

BestPrice (

BestPrice GR is another Greek marketplace that you would probably want to promote your products on if you are looking for quick local traction.

And PFM is currently the best plugin in WordPress to help you generate a BestPrice XML feed.

Ceneo Product Feed

Speaking of local marketplaces, if you run a WooCommerce shop in Poland, then is the best marketplace you can list your products on.

Ceneo has a complex feed format and there are almost no other plugins that can successfully generate a proper Ceneo XML feed.

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is currently the best option you have to successfully generate a Ceneo product feed.

Vivino XML Feed

Another specialty of Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce is the Vivino marketplace feed generation.

If you sell wine online, then Vivino is among the top online wine marketplaces out there, and with PFM, you can easily generate a Vivino XML feed in just a few clicks.

Rakuten Marketplace Feed

Rakuten is a pioneer brand that we all know of.

They too have an advertising option that lets you reach all Rakuten service users through Ads across Rakuten platforms such as Viber or the Rakuten eCommerce sites in Asia or Europe.

You can easily generate a Rakuten advertising feed using PFM and promote your WooCommerce products through Rakuten to boost your sales.

Product Feed For Major Marketplaces In Czechia

You will be able to generate product feeds for large marketplaces in Czechia which include Heureka XML feed, Glami XML feed, and Favi Compari feed (to sell furniture online).

Product Feed For Major European & US Marketplaces

Anywhere you sell around Europe or the USA, you will find feed templates for major marketplaces there.

– eBay Seller Center & eBay MIP Feed
– Bonanza product feed
– Fruugo marketplace feed
– Pricerunner DK product feed
– Kelkoo XML feed
– Pricespy (or Prisjakt) feed
– Spartoo marketplace feed
– Feed prodotto Trovaprezzi
– Zalando JSON Feed
– Vergelijk feed

And tons of other marketplaces where you can easily upload your WooCommerce products and maximize your online sales.

Other Advantages

The plugin is compatible with any themes and can handle any number of products. It uses batch processing, which ensures all your products will be included in the feed without slowing down your site in a matter of seconds.

Generate feed in supported file formats by the merchants such as XML, CSV, or Text.

Also, add your own dynamic attributes or custom taxonomy where required.

Have a suggestion or feature request? Let us know!

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is completely compatible with WPML. You can choose to save products in different languages and then generate feed for each language using this plugin.


  • Generate Product Feed in a few clicks
  • 172 pre-built templates of Merchant Shop feed
  • Generate feed in XML, CSV or Text file format
  • Compatible with both http and https sites
  • Auto-sync with Google Shopping Center
  • Auto feed update schedule options: weekly, daily & hourly
  • Category Mapping for Google Shopping feed, Facebook Catalog feed and others
  • Extensive Filter Options (filter by category, product, tag or custom)
  • Dynamic Attributes
  • Add Static attributes if needed
  • Add Prefix, and Suffix
  • Use Shipping Class As Attribute
  • Custom Taxonomy
  • Include/Exclude parent product of grouped products
  • Include/Exclude variable products
  • Include/Exclude hidden products
  • Exclude “out of stock” products
  • Custom Batch configuration
  • Add UTM tracking-codes to product URL
  • WPML support
  • Supports YITH brand attributes
  • Yoast: SEO title, Meta description & Primary category support
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Composite Products” plugin
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Product Bundles” plugin
  • Supports “Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce” Plugin
  • Supports “WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce” plugin
  • Supports “Discount Rules For WooCommerce” plugin
  • Supports “Brands for WooCommerce” plugin
  • Supports “Perfect Brands for WooCoomerce” plugin
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Brands” plugin

Supported Merchants:

Pro Features:

  • All Free features
  • Unlimited Product Feed Generated (Free version limited to 50 products)
  • Unique Product Identifiers Custom Fields (Brand, GTIN, MPN, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, ITF14, Offer price, Offer effective date)
  • Detailed Product Attributes Custom Fields (Size, Pattern, Material, Age Group, Gender, Color)
  • Ability To Exclude Tax From Structured Data Prices
  • Option To Fix WooCommerce’s (Json-Ld) Structured Data Bug
  • 6 more pre-built templates (including eBay MIP, eBay Seller Center, Google Product Review, Google Re-marketing (DRM) and others)
  • Auto-suggestion Product Filter

Supported Merchants In Pro Version
– All merchants feed templates in free version
– WooCommerce to eBay MIP
– WooCommerce to ebay Seller Center
– WooCommerce to ebay Seller Center Tickets
– WooCommerce to Bol.Com
– WooCommerce to Wish.Com
– WooCommerce to Fruugo
– WooCommerce to
– WooCommerce to Connexity
– WooCommerce to Google Remarketing (DRM)
– WooCommerce to Google Product Review

If you want to know more about the Pro version then click here!

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Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

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